‘Colours of Arabia’ – An Award Winning Campaign from Berger Paints

February 27, 2017

Berger Paints Colours of Arabia

Colours have been strongly symbolic to mankind from the dawn of time – evoking emotions and feelings. Colours influence our life more than we think, as it is a form of communication – not necessarily limited to the visually sighted.

Demystifying the belief that blind people cannot see colours, Berger Paints – a leading paint manufacturing company with a global presence, launched its CSR initiative, ‘Colours of Arabia’ – which celebrates the unique culture and traditions of the Middle East, its timeless landscape and the national pride of its people.

A unique campaign – sketched with a belief that even the visually challenged can experience colours with empowerment, truly touches the emotional chord of society. It tells the story of Noor – a visually challenged girl, who journeys through the land with her grandfather. Noor’s quest to see the world drives her grandfather to take her on a remarkable journey, showing her the artefacts of pride, culture and heritage across Arabia – all the while explaining these beautiful creations through the medium of colour.

The entire journey, essayed in 10 videos with Arabic dialogue and English subtitles, captures the relationship of a blind girl and her grandfather who plays the role of an enabler in her life to help her see the world through effective narration.

Recognizing the impact of this campaign and understanding the importance of its social cause for the Gulf Region, Berger Paints was announced as the winner of the ‘2017 Gulf Sustainability and CSR Awards’ – under the category of the ‘Cause-related Marketing Campaign for the entire Gulf Region’, at an event held at Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Dubai on February 15, 2017.



Motivate Val Morgan contributed much of our inventory from our CSR budget for the screening of the ‘Colours of Arabia’ campaign across cinemas in UAE and Oman from 24th November 2016 to 30th January 2017. Cinema locations included VOX Cinemas (City Centre Ajman, City Centre Fujairah, Al Hamra Mall – RAK, City Centre Mirdif, Mercato Mall, Yas Mall, City Centre Muscat and City Centre Qurum), Cine Royal Cinema (Dalma Mall and Deerfields Mall and City Cinema (Azaiba Mall, Muscat Grand Mall, Salalah Gardens Mall, City Cinema – Sohar and City Cinema – Sur).

We are proud to have supported and been part of such a remarkable initiative for a social cause by contributing towards the campaign’s objective – reaching out to a varied, attentive and receptive audience.


Here are the 10 beautifully scripted and wonderfully captured videos narrating the story of young Noor and her journey across Arabia with her grandfather:

Colours of Arabia – In Search of Colours (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 24th to 30th Nov, 2016)

Noor doesn’t know what colours are as she has never seen them. She has always been curious and wished that she could travel with her beloved grandpa. Understanding her deep desire to see colours against being visually challenged, her grandpa promises to help her experience colours – the happy yellows, the heady blues, and the earthy browns.


Colours of Arabia – Heights of Creativity (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 1st to 7th Dec, 2016)

As Noor starts her journey, her grandpa takes her to one of the most successful achievements of UAE – Burj Khalifa. Same as grey – the color of steel and stone, her grandpa explains how the building portrays strength. Experience Burj Khalifa like never before in this installment of the campaign.


Colours of Arabia – Mothers Lap (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 8th to 14th Dec, 2016)

As the journey continues, Noor visits one of the oldest mosques in the Emirates. In the vicinity of this peaceful serenity, Noor discovers the colour of veneration and pure joy, the same emotional feeling of resting on our mothers lap.


Colours of Arabia – The Need for Boundaries (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 15th to 21st Dec, 2016)

As Noor travels across Arabia in the quest for colours – accompanied by her grandpa, across the beautiful Wadi Shab in Oman. Her grandpa explains the reason why the mountains have created boundaries for the body of water in order to safe guard the beauty of the Wadi – similar to how Noor’s father has set rules and boundaries for her out of love.


Colours of Arabia – Infinite Happiness (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 22nd to 28th Dec, 2016)

As Noor is unaware that the only colour she can see is actually called black, her grandpa explains how the darkness of black in the sky brings out the little stars – little specks of joy blinking at us, which makes them stand out like happy moments in our lives.


Colours of Arabia – The Scent of a Colour (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 29th Dec, 2016 to 4th Jan, 2017)

Noor continues her journey in the quest for colours. She and her grandpa passes through the spice market of Dubai when she helps her grandpa recognize the different spices through their aroma and her grandpa helps her see the colours of those spices through the same aroma.


Colours of Arabia – Conquering Mountain (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 5th to 11th Jan, 2017)

Climbing the heights of the Hajar Mountain, Noor’s grandpa compares the mountain to the colour grey – as it resembles determination. He explains to her how the mountain challenges humans in their will to conquer every height and satisfy every growing curiosity of what’s beyond.


Colours of Arabia – Until We Meet (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 12th to 18th Jan, 2017)

Noor yearns to witness the vibrant display of colours that the sky puts up when the sun bids goodbye at the end of the day. Skillfully narrated by her grandpa, Noor experiences the colours of sunset for the very first time in her life.


Colours of Arabia – Seeing Tomorrow (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 19th to 25th Jan, 2017)

Noor’s curiosity grows as she asks her grandpa what color he will show her next. Her grandpa tells Noor that he will show her the color of tomorrow which is the future of her generation and other generations to come. From her grandpa’s eyes, Noor sees the colour of tomorrow: which is a mix of green of hope, black of grit, white of honesty, grey of innovation, brown of tradition and red of ambition, a few colours of a well-crafted future with amazing possibilities.


Colours of Arabia – Roots of Life (ran across MVM serviced cinemas in UAE and Oman from 26th to 30th Jan, 2017)

As the journey comes to an end, Noor’s last visit is to the glorious tree that has weathered 400 years of worst conditions – and yet survived because of its strong roots. As her grandpa explains the colours of the tree and its meaning, Noor understands that her roots are what makes her stronger and will always hold her steady and resilient.


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