Local Case Studies

Perfect Storm 4D - Cadillac

March 2012

To illustrate how the Cadillac V-series is ‘The Perfect Storm’, Leo Burnett created a 4D cinema campaign – working closely with MVM and VOX Cinemas, which screened at VOC City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.

A 3D execution of the TVC was produced in order for viewers to virtually enter the eye of the storm. With the assistance of large industrial fans installed on the walls of the cinema, the audience was able to feel the power and actively engage with the commercial.

Sharjah International Book Fair

October 2016

Sharjah International Book Fair recently surprised moviegoers at Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, with something unusually creative before the screening of ‘Jack Reacher: Never Go Back’ at 3 evening shows from 20th to 22nd October 2016.

Check Into Another World - Atlantis The Palm

May 2016

To immerse the audience in the dazzling world of imagination, pleasure and 5-star luxury, Atlantis together with a Dubai based creative agency (who worked closely with MVM and VOX Cinemas) utilized 4D cinema technology in the campaign that screened at VOX City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif.

Using a gentle breeze to delight, refreshing scents to relax and flying, rolling and bouncing seat motions to create a sense of joy, the campaign transported audiences to discover the luxury service and in-house experience extended to guests and visitors of Atlantis The Palm.

Sky News Arabia - Now and From Everywhere


Before the screening of a film in a cinema in the UAE, without the knowledge of the public, an anchor from Sky News – Rita Maalouf, appears on screen and surprises the audience by presenting a news bulletin during showtime! The campaign was to promote the promise by Sky News Arabia to deliver news now and from everywhere. This execution won at Dubai Lynx and Cannes Lions.

KitKat Senses Hazelnut – Nestlé

May 2016

For the launch of KitKat Hazelnut, Nestlé screened a 2D commercial with a ‘nutty twist’ – complemented by a scent of rich, mouth-watering hazelnut. The campaign- coordinated by MVM and VOX Cinemas, screened at VOX Cinemas City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif and YAS Mall (Abu Dhabi).

Etisalat - Pause Live TV


To promote eLife TV, Etisalat had an undercover actor answer his ringing phone and start talking loudly. When he was confronted by another patron, and just as things were about to get ugly, the actor paused the film and revealed Etisalat’s message onscreen “Never miss a moment with the Pause Live TV from eLife TV.” This execution won a Dubai Lynx and other regional awards.

Toyota - FJ Cruiser Xtreme

May 2016

In the face of an already crowded off-road segment, and confronted with the extreme challenge of launching the 2014 FJ Cruiser Extreme, Toyota together with GMASCO (who worked closely with MVM and VOX Cinemas) executed a 4D campaign (shortlisted at Dubai Lynx 2015) to achieve stand-out awareness.

It was also a region-first 4DX commercial which screened at City Centre Dira and City Centre Mirdif alongside the blockbuster Need for Speed and Fast and Furious 6. The ad utilized augmented environment effects such as motion, wind, rain, fog, lighting and scents to supplement the action sequences in standard video format.

Dove Men+Care - Real Men Surprise Their Wives


OgilvyAction Dubai created this execution for Dove, which began with hundreds of men joining Dove Men+Care to record secret messages for their loved ones. The messages were recorded at Dove Men+Care stands in the UAE, with three men given the opportunity to share their message with their unsuspecting family on the big screen at VOX Cinemas. Their families were unaware, believing they had won regular movie tickets courtesy of Dove Men+Care. Before the movie started, the secret message appeared on the big screen.

Landmark Shops


To create awareness and new customer acquisition for Landmarkshops.com, Landmark created an engaging cinema activation in 2014 coupled with a 30 second onscreen ad encouraging the audience to look under their seats and win a prize.

11,390 vouchers were distributed in 6 cinemas in UAE over 3 weekends. A total of 26,748 cinema audiences were exposed to the promotion, of which 40% actually picked up the voucher.

International Case Studies

Cinebridge Shows New Projection Mapping Technology in Japan Cinema

Cinebridge launched an advertising campaign of a new flavor of Mentos “Tropical Rainbow” to raise awareness with the movie “Amazing Spider-Man 2. . With the concept of “How Great I am!,” they carried out for the first time in a theatre using the unique technology of Projection Mapping in addition to the regular TV-CM, Vine and Twitter. The detailed process how the high school girl got the abilities of Spiderman is shown by Cinebridge who challenged and succeeded in breaking the traditional wall of screen advertising just like the Mentos girl did.

IKEA: Movie Sleepover

December 2014

Ikea were investing heavily in their stores in Russia, $2.5 Billion worth of heavy and as part of their local “wake up love” campaign, they surveyed their customers asking them what do they love doing and what would they like to spend more time doing – “to spend more time together”. Taking this on-board, they thought about how people like to spend time with their loved ones and decided to surprise local cinema-goers in a Moscow suburb, where they ripped out the seats and created the ultimate, romantic movie experience, bringing the bedroom to the cinema, decking out the whole theatre in the latest Ikea bedroom range.

Gaz and Leccy - Cinema Takeover (Energy Activation Stunt)

November 2015

An unsuspecting Cinema audience, expecting to see an advance screening of Paranormal Activity 4, instead got the shock of their lives as ‘Gaz & Leccy’, cartoon characters from Smart Energy, caused havoc in a London’s West End Cinema, leaping off a screen and into the aisles. A great use of 3D in Cinema advertising.

Audi TT Use 4DX Technology in Cinema

To let everyone experience the new Audi TT, the Russian agency Instinct BBDO applied 4DX movie technology to a TV commercial and showcased it on the BIG screen.   The Cinema setting partnered with 4DX Technology was the perfect way for Audi to show off their brand new Audi TT.

The campaign which was launched online to a huge success also ran in cinemas across 36 countries.

Nobody's Children Foundation Cinema Activation

A short film by Richard Curtis featuring Usain Bolt which helps explain why we should finish what we started with the Millennium Development Goals and end poverty by 2030 and tackle inequality and climate change.

Finch's 37 Degrees Technology and Airbnb

August 2016

Airbnb executed a global-first cinema activation through Finch’s 37 Degrees technology. The activation, which is only possible in cinema, brings to life Airbnb’s largest brand campaign to date, ‘Live There’. The ‘Live There’ campaign re-imagines what it is to travel, showcasing the authentic and local experiences made possible through Airbnb.

Coca-Cola does a Switcheroo at the Cinema

March 2016

With the recent launch of ‘One Brand Marketing Strategy’ by Coca-Cola – uniting all their brands under one global creative campaign, brand awareness for the most loved cola in the world has greatly increased with the reach extending to their strategically targeted consumers. The campaign officially kicked off from March 2016 in South Africa with a fully integrated marketing campaign including a smartly thought through innovation for Coke Zero in the Cinemas or as we like to call it – Cinevation.

Sony Mobile Delivered Waterproof Smartphones - Secret Agent Style

During the opening weekend of the James Bond movie Skyfall, Sony Mobile carried out a stunt in true undercover James Bond manner to promote the waterproof smartphone Xperia acro S to cinema audiences.