The Second Edition of LIONS Live Returns!

October 19, 2020

The Second Edition of LIONS Live is back

LIONS Live, the five-day virtual broadcast, will run from 19-23 October, 2020.


Cannes Lions is back with its second edition of LIONS Live – five days of practical insight and an insider’s view of creative excellence as Grand Prix and Gold Lion-winning teams share honest accounts of how their work came to light (or perhaps nearly didn’t).

Hosted on the Cannes Lions global platform, LIONS Live is free to access, for the entire global community, from 19-23 October 2020.

Each day is themed and designed to offer practical insight to impact careers, transform business and drive progress through creativity. The event will conclude with an expert “how to” guide from creative stalwarts, provocateurs and agitators who will provide a breakdown of the day’s learning into practical next steps.


What’s On:

Day 1:  Creative Culture & Leadership

Industry leaders from around the world reveal the practicalities behind driving a creative culture.Hear from multi-award-winning creatives on how they’re remotely leading transparent, inclusive and flexible work environments that enable creativity to thrive.


Day 2: Creativity in Action, Part One

Celebrate the brilliant thinking and craft that goes into delivering the world’s best creative campaigns. The team will lift the lid on Grand Prix winning work from Berlin, Copenhagen, London, New York and Warsaw and one can hear brutally honest accounts from the people who worked behind the scenes from beginning to end.


Day 3: Creative Effectiveness

In June, LIONS introduced new research around Creative Effectiveness and a new framework for measuring creativity – the Creative Effectiveness Ladder. The line-up will explore work that has driven consistent business growth, what “creative commitment” actually means, and how one can produce outstanding results on a smaller budget. At a time when marketers need to justify every buck, this day will provide some answers.


Day 4: Creativity in Action, Part Two

Thursday is part two of “Creativity in Action series”. Work from Dubai, Stockholm, São Paulo, Tel Aviv will be dissected by the people who actually made it as part of the “Behind the Scenes” format devised by the team at LIONS, based on the feedback that one wanted more case studies on award-winning campaigns. Tune in for another day of the world’s best work deconstructed.


Day 5: Creative Capabilities and Processes

On the final day of LIONS Live, interesting talent from all over the world will share how they are producing fast, cheap, good work right now, from home. Does one need an entirely new set of capabilities to keep up with consumer demands or can one just make some easy tweaks? This day will turn some of your existing thinking on its head and may even ask you to reconsider whether what your current way of doing things is actually the best way.


Join LIONS Live:

LIONS Live has partnered with Google to live-stream content through YouTube, with all content also being available on demand through the LIONS Live platform.

Click here to register for LIONS Live for free.

Click here to access the full programme.


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