Cinema is a Must-Buy for Every Video Media Mix – Study

July 9, 2024

Cinema is a Must-Buy

Screenvision Media, in collaboration with Amplified Intelligence and MAGNA Global, has released a media study** providing compelling insights into the effectiveness of cinema advertising and its positive outcomes.

Jennifer Friedlander, Screenvision’s Senior Vice President of Insights and Measurement, explained the study’s dual objectives to Digital Cinema Report: “One was to capture and measure active attention to ads and content in the cinema environment. And two, we wanted to make sure that we had that cinema data available both for ourselves to share with our advertisers and for comparison to other media and also for agencies that are starting to actually plan and optimize against attention data.”

She added, “There is increasingly more evidence that attention drives outcomes across the industry. We have seen this in our own research with proven results on both short-term outcomes such as sales lift to more long-term outcomes such as brand choice and preference.”

Here are the ten findings of the study:


Finding#1: Ads in cinema garner 3x more attention than TV ads


Finding#2: In Cinema, viewers watch almost the entire ad; on TV, it’s just a third


Finding#3: The exact ad outperforms in-cinema


Finding#4: In Cinema, viewers are engaged throughout the entire duration of the ad


Finding#5: Cinema attention remains consistent throughout regardless of the ad length


Finding#6: The cinema environment delivers a receptive audience


Finding#7: Cinema attention drives message recall


Finding#8: Cinema ads are just as memorable regardless of logo presence in their first 5 sec


Finding#9: Cinema captures the most attention across all video devices


Finding#10: In addition, Cinema is more cost efficient per sec of Ad attention


To conclude on key takeaways, cinema advertising offers brands the opportunity to achieve three times higher attention by employing the same TV creative in the cinema. Advertising in cinema drives memory: a single impression in cinema delivers brand and message recall, emphasizing the impact of each impression. It also provides brands with creative freedom in long-form storytelling, eliminating the need to follow specific branding rules required in other mediums such as digital.

Reading this together with the recent study by Fiftyfive5 on Brand Fame, where one cinema ad delivers ten times the brand fame over digital and six times over TV, makes it crystal clear that cinema is a powerhouse and must be included in every video mix.


**Screenvision and Amplified Intelligence recruited 171 moviegoers (aged 18+) with their consent to be filmed entirely during a movie of their choice, without revealing the study’s purpose. This allowed participants to engage in their normal cinema-going activities with complete flexibility, such as enjoying snacks, leaving the theater, or using the bathroom. Eleven ads from various brand verticals, including automotive, entertainment, shipping, and telecom, were shown during the pre-show.




Screen Vision, MAGNA global, SAWA, Digital Cinema Report


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