Hero Kid

Leon Lee, is a mischievous boy who lives in Ever Peace village at the foot of Chicheng Mountain. He aspires to be a great hero and cure his chronically ill mother. Despite these good intentions, Leon has become somewhat of a nuisance around town as he constantly messes things up. After a series of perilous adventures, Leon discovers that he is the reincarnation of Arhat the Taming Dragon. He also learns that his father, Malcolm Lee, was cursed by the evil Jin Ling and stole a golden artefact in order to protect him. With the world in great danger, father and son decide to sacrifice themselves to defeat evil. This turns out to be a great failure. However, the dying Leon finally realizes that love is more important than anything else. It is this love that enables him to be reborn once again.

Wenxian Bai, Yang Li

Drama Animation

Female 18-24 Female 25+ Male 25+ Male 18-24 Male Teens Female Teens

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