Brace for Terror: The Conjuring 4 is Back Next Year

The Warrens return for the final time in the fourth installment, titled ‘The Conjuring: Last Rites,’ set to hit cinemas next year


2025 is shaping up to be a blockbuster year! We’ve already got a Superman reboot, a Mission: Impossible flick, and Captain America’s next Marvel mission. Plus, Brad Pitt’s hitting the gas in an F1 movie produced by Lewis Hamilton, and there’s a Jurassic World sequel stomping its way to theaters.

But wait, it’s not all franchise flicks—there are some exciting originals too! From the twisted mind of Parasite director Bong Joon-ho comes Mickey 17 starring Robert Pattinson, and David Ayer reunites Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone (with Stallone on the script, this could get wild). Guy Ritchie’s got a new flick with Jake Gyllenhaal and Henry Cavill, and the horror hounds aren’t left out – a new Conjuring movie chills theaters in September 2025.

Speaking of chills, 2025’s horror calendar is stacked. M3gan is back for a killer sequel, there’s a follow-up to the post-apocalyptic nightmare of 28 Days Later, Saw’s slicing its way to an eleventh installment, and Christian Bale takes on the role of Frankenstein’s monster in a Maggie Gyllenhaal-directed flick. Buckle up, because there’s even a “bloody” Final Destination movie on the horizon,  and now Warner Bros has announced that the fourth installment in the Conjuring franchise will hit the theaters in 2025.

Here’s the bittersweet part for Conjuring fans: this will be the final chapter for Ed and Lorraine Warren. But fear not—the wider Conjuring universe, with its spin-offs, will likely keep the scares coming. So, grab your popcorn (or maybe a barf bag), because 2025 is shaping up—also—to be a year of epic thrills and bone-chilling chills. Here’s what we know (including rumors!) about The Conjuring 4.


The Conjuring: Last Rites release date: When can we expect ?

The Conjuring: Last Rites will be released in cinemas on September 5, 2025, barring any production delays. According to The Hollywood Reporter in February 2024, the movie was set to start filming this summer in Atlanta, but we’ve no word since whether that is still the plan. Now that it’s got a release date, we’d assume that filming will start soon in order to hit that September release date. However, Warner Bros has yet to confirm when production will get underway.


Who is directing the move?
Newsletter Article: Conjuring 4


James Wan laid the foundation for the franchise, directing its first two installments before handing over the reins to Michael Chaves for The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It and The Nun II. According to reports from THR and IMDb, Chaves is set to return as director for the climactic chapter featuring Ed and Lorraine Warren.


Who’s coming back for The Conjuring 4?
Newsletter Article – Conjuring 4


Though not yet officially confirmed, according to IMDb, Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are expected to reprise their iconic roles as Ed and Lorraine Warren in the upcoming installment. After all, it wouldn’t be a Conjuring film without them!

Predicting other returning characters is trickier, especially given the limited crossover in the third film from the broader Conjuring universe.

Similar to its predecessors, the fourth installment will delve into a fresh paranormal case, promising a predominantly new cast alongside (some of) the familiar leads.

P.S. For those eager to catch the Warrens before The Conjuring 4, keep an eye out during The Nun 2’s credit scene for a tantalizing glimpse of what’s to come.


Which cases could The Conjuring: Last Rites cover?

While the plot details remain under wraps, here are some possibilities (rumors):

Following the events of the third film concluding in November 1981 with Arne Johnson’s trial, The Conjuring 4 is poised to explore events post that timeline.

The Warrens’ extensive real-life case files offer tantalizing prospects, potentially revisiting haunted locales. In 1986, the Warrens investigated a double helping of haunted houses with the Snedeker house and the Smurl Haunting. The former has already loosely inspired the movie The Haunting in Connecticut, and both revolved around houses supposedly infested by demons – back to haunted house formula after the third part steered away from it?

If they are to avoid that trope, there’s a case that’s yet to be covered from the Warrens’ case files that holds a lot of promise: the legend of the White Lady at the Union Cemetery in Easton, Connecticut.

While the Warrens didn’t directly investigate the phenomenon, they have claimed to have a video of the White Lady in action and have written a book about it.

It’s said that the spirit appears in a delicate white nightgown or wedding dress and moves through the cemetery, with reports that drivers have even seen her outside of the cemetery, causing them to swerve.


Any footage or trailer of The Conjuring: Last Rites yet?

The Conjuring 4 has yet to start filming so we’ll be waiting a while for footage. Maybe we’ll get a spooky surprise this Halloween, since filming does start this summer.



Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, Digital Spy




Eid al-Adha | Cinema Ads | 2024

The region embraced the joy of Eid al-Adha with an extended holiday break, with cinema offering an abundance of blockbuster entrainment options to elevate the festivities for residents who opted to stay back and indulge in activities at malls and entertainment venues.

From thrilling adventures such as Inside Out 2, Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Watchers, Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes along with other exciting releases such as Welad Rizk 3 (Arabic), El La3eb Ma3 El 3iyal (Arabic) and more, the big screen served as a dynamic platform for brands to engage with captive audiences.

Here are the ads that lit up the big screen during the joyous celebration of Eid al-Adha.


Cadillac XT4 – FTM Inside Out 2

Country: UAE, KSA & KWT
Operator(s): VOX, Reel, AMC & Muvi


Abu Dhabi Public Health Centre (ADPHC) – FTM Kids/Animation

Country: UAE
Operator(s): VOX, Royal & CinemaCity


Parkville Shaan – FTM Welad Rizk 3

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Audio Technology – FTM Welad Rizk 3

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Bazooka Fried Chicken

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Garnier Color Natural

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Burger King

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Krispy Kreme

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Pizza Hut

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Jazeera Airways

Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


ENBD x VOX Cinemas

Country: UAE
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


YAS Island Abu Dhabi

Country: UAE, KSA & KWT
Operator(s): VOX, Reel, AMC & Muvi


Al Rajhi Capital

Country: KSA
Operator(s): VOX, AMC & Muvi


Banque Saudi Fransi

Country: KSA
Operator(s): VOX


P&G Always

Country: KSA
Operator(s): VOX, AMC & Muvi



Country: KSA
Operator(s): VOX


Think cinema for ‘attention-grabbing’ advertising! Contact us for cinema advertising opportunities alongside special events and celebrations.




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Eid al-Fitr 2024 Cinema Campaigns

What Studios Must Reconsider to Grow Box Office

Cinema enthusiasts are optimistic about the future, particularly with the release schedules for the second half of 2024 and 2025. The much-needed boost from Bad Boys: Ride or Die at the start of June, following an average May, and highly anticipated titles such as Inside Out 2, A Quiet Place: Day One, and Deadpool & Wolverine lined-up for release, ensure that the global box office will maintain its momentum this summer. The slowdown in 2024 was largely due to last year’s dual labor strikes, which halted Hollywood and pushed many blockbusters to 2025. But will a strong movie lineup in theaters be enough to solve this problem, or are there other issues studios need to address to achieve the collective horsepower needed to reach pre-pandemic results and demand?

According to reports from the Global Cinema Federation, cinemas worldwide are gearing up for a new era focused on enhancing the movie-going experience. However, achieving box office growth requires a collaborative effort between exhibitors and studios. Here are the GCF’s suggestions for studios to contribute to this collective push:


More Studio Films in Theatre

The need for a higher number of titles remains crucial for the growth of global box office, as the number of theatrical releases has significantly decreased since the pandemic. While there are several blockbusters scheduled for release in 2025, one good year alone is not sufficient to exceed the levels of pre-pandemic box office revenue. Hence studios must understand the importance of increasing the quantity of films available in theaters to drive overall revenue growth and achieve the consistent high-grossing box office performance seen prior to the pandemic.


Movie Release Graph
Rom-Coms and Animation are Two Genres with Fewer Films Since the Pandemic

According to a survey by the ticketing platform BookMyShow, the majority of customers express their readiness to return to theaters for a wider variety of genres when there is a film they want to see. However, there has been a noticeable decline in the production and release of romantic comedies and animated films since the pandemic. This gap in the market represents a missed opportunity, as these genres have traditionally drawn significant audiences. Reviving the production of rom-coms and animated films can cater to a wide demographic, encouraging more frequent trips to the cinema


Shorter Theatrical Windows Have an Effect on Int’l Box Office

The trend of shortening the theatrical window, particularly in the US, has significant repercussions on the international box office. When films are swiftly moved to streaming platforms after their initial release, it weakens the incentive for international audiences to see the movie in theaters, as they may prefer waiting for the streaming release. Additionally, piracy on these platforms can further erode the studios’ potential revenue. To counteract this, the Global Cinema Federation suggests maintaining a longer exclusive theatrical window to preserve the unique value proposition and box office draw of the cinema experience worldwide.


Studios - GCF - graph 2


Movie Run-time

The length of movies is another factor that influences audience turnout. Extremely long run-times can deter some viewers due to time constraints or comfort concerns. Balancing film lengths to ensure they are engaging yet not excessively long can help maximize audience retention and satisfaction. Providing a mix of shorter and feature-length films can cater to various audience preferences, making it easier for more people to fit a movie outing into their schedules.


Marketing Effectiveness

Effective marketing is crucial for driving box office success, especially for non-blockbuster films. This involves not only traditional advertising methods, but also leveraging digital platforms and targeted campaigns to reach potential viewers. Multi-channel strategies can build audience awareness and excitement for upcoming films. Engaging promotional activities, social media buzz, and partnerships with influencers can further amplify the reach and impact of marketing efforts, ultimately boosting ticket sales.


Source: Global Cinema Federation Report





VOX Cinemas Opens at Jeddah Park in Saudi Arabia

The opening of Jeddah Park marks VOX Cinemas’ third cinema in Jeddah and 17th location in KSA


VOX Cinemas, the dedicated cinema arm of Majid Al Futtaim, opened its 17th location in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at Jeddah Park Mall on June 4, 2024.

Centrally located in Jeddah Park, Aziziyah – a one-stop destination for retail and entertainment – the 13-screen multiplex features two GOLD screens, one IMAX® with Laser screen, and a Private Cinema.

The latest cinema is fully designed for movie lovers, with premium reclining seating that provides unparalleled comfort, so audiences can kick back, relax, and enjoy the magic of movies. The location also features the latest in cutting-edge technology, providing stunning visuals and crystal-clear audio for a truly immersive experience.


VOX Jeddah Park
2 VOX Jeddah Park
3 VOX Jeddah Park
5 VOX Jeddah Park
6 VOX Jeddah Park




Anmar AlQurashi, Managing Director – Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, Majid Al Futtaim Entertainment said, “The opening of Jeddah Park underscores our commitment to provide audiences with a premium cinematic experience that combines the latest technology with the comfort and luxury our guests have come to expect. We believe that the state-of-the-art multiplex will not only provide a social hub for film enthusiasts but also enrich the cultural fabric of the local community.”

The opening of Jeddah Park marks VOX Cinemas’ third cinema in Jeddah, alongside Red Sea Mall and Town Square, and comes just six months after it launched VOX Cinemas Century Corner in Riyadh.

VOX Cinemas now operates a total of 175 screens across 17 cinemas in six cities throughout the Kingdom.

Click here to book tickets at this new cinema, and reach out to our team to learn more about cinema advertising opportunities at VOX Jeddah Park – Jeddah.



Source: VOX Press Release




Reel Cinemas Opens at Marassi Galleria in Bahrain

With the opening of Marassi in Bahrain, Reel Cinemas now operates in three countries: the UAE, KSA, and Bahrain


Reel Cinemas has opened its first venue in Bahrain at Marassi Galleria – a premier beachfront mega mall in Manama – in collaboration between Eagle Hills.


Reel Marassi Galleria – Bahrain features seven state-of-the-art cinema screens, including an IMAX with Laser screen and two Platinum Experience Screens. Cinema enthusiasts can also enjoy a specially crafted 5-star food and beverage menu, offering a unique blend of entertainment and dining.


Reel Bahrain Location


Mr. Ahmad Al Matrooshi, Emaar Properties PJSC, said, “After witnessing the success of our cinemas across the UAE, Emaar is excited to bring the iconic Reel Cinemas experience to the Bahraini market. With this latest addition to Emaar Entertainment’s diverse portfolio of offerings across the region, Reel Cinemas will provide a unique movie-going experience to suit all needs, in line with our commitment to developing popular attractions across the MENA region, and we are confident that it will become a popular destination for residents and tourists alike.”


Since its opening, Marassi Galleria has quickly become the center of attention, offering a plethora of entertainment options including shopping, dining, and leisure activities alongside its vibrant cinema.


Motivate Val Morgan, Reel Cinemas’ exclusive cinema advertising partner, proudly welcomes our latest addition and the first Reel Cinemas location in Bahrain to our circuit.


Contact us to advertise at Reel Marassi Galleria – Bahrain.



Source: Marassi Al Bahrain

Why Media Quality and Attention Will Take Spotlight in 2024 and Beyond

According to a report by WARC Media, global advertising spend is poised for significant growth in 2024, potentially doubling compared to previous years and exceeding $1 trillion for the first time. This surge is largely attributed to the widespread adoption of AI in advertising strategies, with major players like Amazon and Google heavily investing in AI-based advertising solutions to drive substantial revenue growth in the future.

Paul Stringer, an expert at WARC, highlights that while AI has proven beneficial for advertising, its rapid expansion raises important questions about the relationship between humans and machines, the influence of tech platforms, and the future landscape of news and entertainment on the internet. Without proper oversight, there is a risk of widespread AI-generated misinformation, which could make brands increasingly wary of advertising due to concerns about brand safety and ad fraud.

Meanwhile, a study conducted by YouGov and reported by the Video Advertising Bureau (VAB) revealed that 86% of respondents feel overwhelmed by excessive ads on webpages, leading them to ignore advertisements. Additionally, 72% stated that annoying or intrusive ad experiences have negatively impacted their perception of a brand, while 66% indicated that such experiences make them less likely to purchase from the brand in the future, emphasizing the importance of delivering non-intrusive advertising content.

In response to these challenges, WARC addressed the issue in their latest study on the media signaling strength of various advertising mediums, which assesses the perceived cost and scale of an advertising channel in enhancing brand attributes. The study shows that Linear TV currently leads in media signaling strength at 46%, closely followed by cinema at 41% in all age group where as cinema leads in signaling strength for the age group 16-34 with 43%. These mediums remain uniquely positioned to deliver high-impact advertising to a mass audience, crucially in a brand-safe environment, and are likely to positively influence consumers’ perceptions of a brand.




While TV currently leads in signaling strength by 5%, it’s noteworthy that with the increasing adoption of attention measurement by brands and agencies to evaluate creative and media quality, cinema is projected to surpass TV in media signaling strength soon. Consumers are increasingly engaging with high-quality, long-form content on premium video platforms, where cinema advertising proves particularly effective in capturing viewer attention for extended periods.

This effectiveness is supported by findings from NCM and Lumen research, indicating that cinema advertising generates longer ‘eyes-on’ viewing compared to other digital and social channels. A recent study by Val Morgan Australia and Amplified Intelligence further reinforces this, stating that cinema delivers a minimum of 49 days of memory encoding from just 10 seconds of an ad, reaching an audience where half are under 40.

In conclusion, brands and agencies are realizing, backed by proper research, that running their ads on brand-safe premium platforms maintains their brand perception as intended, capturing the right audience with minimal wastage.


Sources: WARC, Video Advertising Bureau (VAB), Mi3, YouGov




Eid al-Fitr 2024 Cinema Campaigns

Check out the ads that featured in cinema during the Eid al-Fitr 2024 long weekend!


The spirit of Eid al-Fitr once again filled the region, transforming the long weekend into a vibrant celebration. Families and friends flocked to shopping malls and entertainment hubs, eager to connect and revel in the festivities.

With more than 14 highly anticipated movies from various genres and languages being released, movie theaters resonated with laughter and excitement as audiences rushed to see the latest releases on the big screen. This festive atmosphere provided a perfect platform for brands to capture hearts and minds through cinema advertising.

From riveting ads by fast food chains, automobile companies, and airlines, here are the commercials that lit up the big screen during Eid al-Fitr 2024:


McDonald’s – FTM Dune: Part Two

Country: Qatar
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


BYD – FTM Dune: Part Two

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select VOX & AMC locations


Almarai – FTM Kung Fu Panda 4

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select VOX, Muvi, AMC & Reel locations


Birmingham University Dubai – Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Country: UAE
Operator(s): Select VOX locations



Country: UAE
Operator(s): Select Royal, CinemaCity, Cinépolis, Oscar, Reel & VOX locations


WWE 2K24

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC & Muvi locations


Abdul Samad Qurashi

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Dallah Hospitals

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Disabled Children’s Association (DCA)

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi, Reel & VOX locations


Green Farms

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


National Transformation Program (NTP)

Country: KSA (Saudi Arabia)
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Gulf Air

Country: Bahrain
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


Oman Post / Asyad Express

Country: Oman
Operator(s): Select Cinepolis & VOX locations


Royal Opera House

Country: Oman
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


Burger King

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Misr Life Insurance

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas



Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Think cinema for ‘attention-grabbing’ advertising! Contact us for cinema advertising opportunities alongside special events and celebrations.




Blockbuster May-nia: A Look at May’s Top Releases

May 2024’s blockbuster season kicks off with a star-studded action-comedy featuring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt

As summer draws near, it signals the start of the blockbuster season for movie enthusiasts. Already, the season is heating up with major hits such as Dune: Part Two ($667.5M), Kung Fu Panda 4 ($419.5M), and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire ($367.5M), all making substantial gains at the box office. With these successes paving the way, the stage is set for the arrival of the year’s most anticipated releases.

Starting in May, the summer lineup promises an exciting cinematic journey with a diverse range of films to suit various preferences. From adrenaline-pumping action flicks and heartwarming family stories to spine-chilling thrillers, here’s a look at some of the upcoming blockbusters in May:


The Fall Guy – 02 May 2024

Genre: Action, Comedy, Drama
Cast: Emily Blunt, Ryan Gosling, Aaron – Taylor Johnson

The Fall Guy follows Colt Seavers, an out-of-work stuntman, who is asked by his ex-girlfriend(movie director) to help with stunts for a troublesome action star. When the actor disappears, Colt sets out to rescue him, facing the darker side of Hollywood. Along the way, he hopes to win back his ex, rescue the film, and prove himself as the best stuntman.


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – 02 May 2024

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
Cast: Carrie Coon, Mckenna Grace, Annie Potts

The new rendition of the beloved horror fantasy franchise, Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire introduces a new villain and the Ghostbusters, old and new, as they unite to save the world from an ancient evil threatening a second ice age.


Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 – 02 May 2024

Genre: Horror, Thriller
Cast: Scott Chambers, Craig David Dowsett, Chris Cordell, Nikolai Leo

The sequel to the horror parody of A.A. Milne’s children’s story, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2, picks up shortly after the first film’s events. The new movie will continue the murderous rampage of the residents of the Hundred-Acre Wood.


Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes – 09 May 2024

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi
Cast: Freya Allan, Kevin Durand, William H. Macy

Decades after Caesar’s sacrifice, a new ape society grapples with a power struggle. “Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes” rewrites the future in an epic clash for dominance. Will peace prevail, or will humanity rise again?


IF  – 16 May 2024

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
Cast: Ryan Reynolds, John Krasinski, Cailey Fleming

A young girl sees the forgotten imaginary friends of grown-ups! With Ryan Reynolds as her guide, she embarks on a heartwarming adventure to reunite lost friends and reignite the magic of childhood.


The Strangers: Chapter 1 – 16 May 2024

Genre: Horror
Cast: Madelaine Petsch, Gabriel Basso, Rachel Shenton

Is your home truly safe? “The Strangers: Chapter 1” rips open the idyllic facade of a quiet evening. Prepare for a night of bone-chilling terror as masked intruders turn a dream getaway into a desperate fight for survival.


Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga – 23 May 2024

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Cast: Anya Taylor-Joy, Chris Hemsworth, Charlee Fraser

War rages across the Wasteland. Before she became the Imperator, Furiosa clawed her way to freedom. Witness her origin story in “Mad Max: Furiosa.” Anya Taylor-Joy ignites the screen in a high-octane prequel filled with sand, fury, and the fight for a future.


The Garfield Movie – 23 May 2024

Genre: Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Cast: Chris Pratt, Samuel L. Jackson, Hannah Waddingham

Garfield is about to go on a wild outdoor adventure. After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – the cat Vic – Garfield and Odie are forced to abandon their pampered life to join Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.


Tarot – 30 May 2024

Genre: Horror
Cast: Avantika, Olwen Fouéré, Jacob Batalon

Don’t peek into your future…it might stare back. “Tarot” unlocks a deck of nightmares. A group of friends dabble in forbidden rituals, unleashing a terrifying entity. Can they escape the chilling fate foretold in the cards?


For brands seeking to engage their target audience in a captivating and immersive setting, the summer season offers an unmatched opportunity to create lasting impressions and foster meaningful connections. Click here to start your cinema advertising journey.

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How Cinema Advertising can be a Goldmine for Brands During Eid

Eid in the region isn’t just a celebration; it’s a spectacular opportunity for brands to captivate a vibrant and engaged audience. This Eid, the stage is set with over 14 films premiering during the festive weekend, creating a dazzling canvas for brands looking to amplify their advertising impact.

Here’s why seizing this opportunity with cinema ads priced by admission is a strategic masterstroke.

Cost-Effective Engagement: Cineplan’s by-admission buying route offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods. You pay only for the viewers who see your ad, ensuring a targeted investment with a potentially high return.

Targeted Reach During Peak Season: The Eid movie lineup this year spans genres and languages, catering to diverse tastes. This ensures that cinemas, whether in IMAX or luxury theaters, are packed, providing brands with effective ways to target audiences by language, genre, and demographics.

Standing Out in the Content Rush: Traditional advertising channels risk being drowned out. Cinema advertising shines here, with its large, immersive format that captivates attention and allows for creative storytelling. A well-crafted ad can become an unforgettable part of the movie-going experience.

Captive Audience, Maximum Impact: Eid brings families and friends together at the cinema, creating a captivated audience free from distractions. With this ambiance set and all eyes on the big screen, your ad has a prime opportunity to make a lasting impression.


Explore the Eid long weekend movie releases and kickstart your Eid campaign with Our Cinema Buying Platform.

  1. Kung Fu Panda 4 – Watch Trailer
  2. Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire – Watch Trailer
  3. Bade Miyan Chote Miyan (Hindi) – Watch Trailer
  4. Imaginary – Watch Trailer
  5. Maidaan (Hindi) – Watch Trailer
  6. The First Omen – Watch Trailer
  7. 3almashi (Arabic) – Watch Trailer
  8. Land of Bad – Watch Trailer
  9. Varshangalkku Shesham (Malayalam) – Watch Trailer
  10. Lahazat Lazeeza (Arabic) – Watch Trailer
  11. The Bricklayer – Watch Trailer
  12. Aavesham (Malayalam) – Watch Trailer
  13. Marivillin Gopurangal (Malayalam) – Watch Trailer
  14. Romeo (Tamil) – Watch Trailer



Highly Anticipated Horror Movies of 2024

Lionsgate and Blumhouse join forces in ‘Imaginary,’ spearheading our compilation of the most eagerly awaited horror films of 2024.

Though Halloween may still be a distant specter on the calendar, the spine-tingling allure of horror knows no season. Reflecting on 2023, it was undeniably a year of resurgence for the genre on the silver screen, solidifying its status as Hollywood’s dependable cash cow, particularly in the wake of underperforming superhero flicks.

Regionally (especially in the UAE & KSA), horror reigned supreme, with blockbusters such as Evil Dead Rise ($3.94M), Nun II ($2.43M – UAE only), Insidious: The Red Door ($1.47M – UAE only), Romancham (Malayalam) ($1.48M – UAE), Five Nights at Freddy’s ($5.86M), and M3gan ($2.17M) dominating the 2023 box office charts.

But as we peer into the murky depths of 2024, a fresh wave of terror awaits, promising both new nightmares and the resurrection of beloved franchises. The new roster includes work from acclaimed filmmakers such as M. Night Shyamalan, Robert Eggers, Tim Burton and Jordan Peele etc.

So, sharpen your claws, brace yourself for the darkness, and prepare to unleash your most blood-curdling screams (or retreat beneath the safety of your covers) as these spine-tingling spectacles beckon you to the edge of your theater seat. After all, there’s nothing quite like experiencing the chilling terror of these films in the immersive atmosphere of the cinema.


Imaginary – 7 March 2024

Imaginary unfolds through the eyes of a woman who returns to her childhood home, to discover that the imaginary friend that she left behind has a life of its own and is unhappy that she abandoned him. Are you ready to have the memory of your favorite childhood toy ruined forever?


Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire – 21 March 2024

Who you gonna call? The Ghostbusters are back, baby! This time, they’re facing off against ‘The Death Chill,’ a frosty threat that’s giving New York City a serious case of the shivers. With the OG team and some fresh faces, get ready for a ghostly adventure that’ll send chills down your spine!


Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey 2 – 21 March 2024

Hold onto your honey pots, folks! The unexpected smash hit ‘Winnie-the-Pooh: Blood and Honey’ is back with a vengeance in its sequel. This time, everyone’s favorite bear is taking the slash-and-dice route, promising even more brutality and weirdness. Who’s gonna make it out alive this time? Your guess is as good as ours!


The First Omen – 04 April 2024

Holy hell! ‘The First Omen’ is here to give you nightmares. Set before the events of the classic horror flick ‘The Omen,’ this prequel follows Margaret, played by Nell Tiger Free (yep, the Baratheon girl from Game of Thrones), as she discovers that not everything behind the church gates is as holy as it seems.


The Watchers – 6 June 2024

Get ready to be on the edge of your seat with ‘The Watchers.’ Inspired by A.M Shine’s gripping novel, this film takes you on a chilling ride through the eerie landscapes of the Western Irish Countryside. With Ishana Night Shyamalan at the helm and a stellar cast, get ready for fear and suspense like never before!

horror movie the watchers 2024

A Quiet Place: Day One – 27 June 2024

Curious how it all began? ‘A Quiet Place – Day One’ takes you back to ground zero, showing the day those deadly death angels first descended upon Earth. Led by the phenomenal Lupita Nyong’o, this installment promises chaos, terror, and some Stranger Things alum thrown in for good measure!


Longlegs – 11 July 2024

FBI Agent Lee Harker is on the case in ‘The Unseen.’ Dive into an unsolved serial killer mystery filled with unexpected twists and occult elements. As Harker races against time, the stakes—and the body count—keep getting higher!


Alien: Romulus – 15 August 2024

Buckle up for an otherworldly adventure! ‘Alien: Romulus’ introduces us to a fresh batch of characters facing off against the universe’s most terrifying beings – Xenomorphs. The seventh installment in the legendary franchise takes us on a whole new journey, stepping away from the prequels and into uncharted territory.

alien romulus 2024


Beetlejuice Beetlejuice – 5 September 2024

Tim Burton is back to haunt your dreams with ‘Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.’ Join a grown-up Lydia Deetz as she returns to her once quaint, now ominously transformed home with her own family. But when chaos ensues, is it time to summon that mischievous poltergeist again? You might want to say his name—twice!

beetlejuice 2 2024


Terrifier 3 – 24 October 2024

Director Damien Leone is set to redefine horror with ‘Terrifier 3,’ pledging elevated levels of violence and gore. The film aims to explore the origins of the menacing antagonist, Art the Clown, and reintroduce pivotal characters like Sienna Shaw. Leone’s vision for the franchise ensures a chilling and gripping cinematic journey.

terrifier horror movie 2024


Smile 2 – 18 October 2024

Remember that unsettling smile that crawled out of your nightmares in 2022? Get ready for another round of psychological horror and spine-tingling scares as the origins of the entity are explored even further. New characters will be drawn into the nightmarish cycle, each facing their own inner demons alongside those terrifying smiles.

smile horror movie 2


Thread: An Insidious Tale – TBA

The next installment of the Insidious saga unfolds with Thread: An Insidious Tale, slated for 2024. This  spinoff, starring Kumail Nanjiani and Mandy Moore, delves into the perilous repercussions when a couple tamper with time to avert tragedy. Penned and directed by Jeremy Slater, anticipate a riveting journey into the abyss of fear and desperation.

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But hold up, because there’s more! Here are some more that might sneak up and become the sleeper hits we all love and eagerly anticipate sequels for, just like ‘Talk to Me,’ ‘Smile,’ or ‘Barbarian’:

  1. Immaculate – 19 March 2024 Watch Trailer
  2. Abigail – 19 April 2024Watch Trailer
  3. Tarot – 09 May 2024 – Watch Trailer
  4. Trap – 2 August 2024
  5. Speak No Evil — 8 August 2024
  6. Nosferatu 19 December 2024
  7. Adrift – TBA
  8. Arcadian – TBA
  9. Dust Bunny – TBA
  10. Faces of Death – TBA
  11. Heretic – TBA
  12. The One – TBA
  13. Salem’s Lot – TBA
  14. Weapons – TBA
  15. Witchboard – TBA





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