Winners of the Motivate Val Morgan ‘Aquaman’ Challenge

Congratulations to the winners of the Motivate Val Morgan ‘Aquaman’ Challenge.

Six participants answered all 8 questions correctly and went into a draw, out of which Merver Vergas and Kathrina Cruz emerged as winners of 2 x Reel Cinemas Movie Passes.

Motivate Val Morgan Aquaman Challenge


The correct answers were:

  1. What is Aquaman’s Atlantean name? Orin
  2. Who is Aquaman’s arch-enemy? Black Jack
  3. Where did Aquaman Live? An Ancient Temple in Atlantis
  4. Aquaman would die if he didn’t come into contact with water how often? Once Per Hour
  5. Aquaman’s arch-enemy Ocean Master was actually whom? His Half-Brother
  6. What did Aquaman use to communicate with marine life? Telepathy
  7. How fast could Aquaman swim? 10,000 feet per second
  8. What year did Aquaman debut for DC Comics? 1941


Stay tuned for more competitions in 2019!