META Cinema Forum Confirms 2020 Event in Hybrid Format

Now in its 3rd edition, META Cinema Forum, the largest cinema convention covering the Middle East and African Markets, will take place from October 27 – 28, 2020.

After signing an agreement with the Pan African Film Consortium, the MENA Cinema Forum was re-branded as META Cinema Forum, inclusive of Middle East and the entire African continent.

For the 2020 edition, in consideration of the ongoing challenges around the global pandemic, the META Cinema Forum will be conducted as a hybrid event, first of its kinds in the world.

The event includes an invaluable conference covering all key critical topics of the cinema sector, from projects and plans to technology and content. The conference has traditionally been accompanied by the biggest cinema convention in the region, to offer the latest in supplies and technologies to the stakeholders. Special screenings, premieres, slate presentations, workshops, awards, and post event receptions have accompanied the conference and trade show to make it a comprehensive cinema convention for the region.


2020 META Cinema Forum in Hybrid Format


“The cinema industry has been amongst the most impacted sectors by the pandemic, but if the $54 million USD BOX Office sales of Tenet, the first blockbuster release since the pandemic, in its opening week at select international markets has proven anything, it’s that moviegoing is a habit we do not wish to kick, and that passion for movies and cinema as a form of accessible entertainment is here to stay. Therefore, in close coordination with the major global stakeholders, we came up with a true hybrid event, the first of its kind in the world, to facilitate collaborations that are required to help with the recovery. The event will highlight the plan for projects in the region, the recovery phase for the cinema industry, and content diversification as key critical elements. We are very delighted to work with VOX Cinemas once more as our Strategic Partners, and to be able to stream live digital content at VOX for local audience to enjoy, not to mention, to be the first in the world in 2020 to showcase upcoming movies from various studios and their new release dates,” says Leila Masinaei, Conference Director and Managing Partner, Great Minds Event Management.

The 2020 edition will include a knowledge packed conference, select slate presentations of upcoming content and films from leading Hollywood and international studios, including Africa for the first time, at VOX Cinemas, Mall of Emirates in Dubai, a live META Cinema Projects Insight session with the most senior cinema leaders in the region and rounded off with a networking after event reception. Cinema innovations and advanced technologies will also be displayed as a product showcase floor at the event.

For those who don’t wish to attend physically, don’t panic, all conference content will be available live via video conferencing technology and will be free of charge for all to attend this year.

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Source: META Cinema Forum