Royal Caribbean | Symphony of the Seas | Cinema Campaign

Royal Caribbean International recently booked an on screen advertising campaign through Motivate Val Morgan to promote bookings on the Symphony of the Seas – the BIGGEST and BOLDEST ship in the world, and to avail a 40% booking discount.

The 30 sec. commercial played was booked to play on the screens of VOX Cinemas- City Centre Mirdif and Roxy Cinemas – City Walk, in 2 bursts as follows:

1st Burst –  from 15th March 2018 (for a period of 2 weeks)

2nd Burst – from 26th April 2018 (for a period of 2 weeks)


Watch the commercial below:


Symphony Europe Summer 2018 sailing destinations include: Barcelona, Spain | Palma De Mallorca, Spain | Province (Marseille), France | Florence/Pisa, Italy | Rome, Italy | Naples/Capri, Italy.

Visit or e-mail [email protected] for more information.


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Centrepoint | Cinema Advertising | Testimonial

Landmark Group’s Centrepoint is the biggest fashion store in the Middle East, the region’s most coveted fashion retail brand – with 140 stores across the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and also one of Motivate Val Morgan’s loyal clients for many years.

Shyam Sunder, Sr. Marketing & Ecommerce Head, Lead Member – Group Marketing at Centrepoint shares a testimonial on cinema advertising and how the medium has benefited the brand.


Why does Centrepoint choose to advertise in cinema? How does cinema fit into Centrepoint’s media strategy?

“Being a fashion destination in leading malls where cinemas are present, the cinema medium has always been an intrinsic touchpoint in our customers’ journey. Also considering our rich repertoire of world class films, we believe we can captivate our customers on the big screens and inspire them to keep shopping with us.”


What is Centrepoint’s view on the medium and how does it compete/compliment other advertising mediums utilized by the brand?

“Cinema is undoubtedly a great medium and the few remaining captive audience platforms which can entertain viewers without skipping. Hence, while we are digital marketing driven, we cannot let go of the potential and popularity of Cinemas in this region.”


Does Centrepoint use the cinema medium for campaigns relating to brand awareness, tactical promotions, or both?

“Both. Centrepoint has managed to harmonise both fashion and tactical campaigns with its new SALE films. Our series of films, ‘Sabotage’ ‘Lies’ and now ‘Unleash Greed’ are path breaking and balances both quite brilliantly.”


Was cinema the best fit for a specific commercial/campaign?

 “The Centrepoint SALE is the biggest retail events in the region and we have been inventing in the property with some trail blazing work and consistent presence in cinemas across the region.”


How efficient was it to book/deal through Motivate Val Morgan?

 “We get the best in class cinema network at great value with Motivate Val Morgan. It’s been a long and enduring relationship as both brands continue to improve and innovate.”


Check out some of the Centrepoint ads that were booked through Motivate Val Morgan and screened across our network of cinemas in the UAE:















Source: Centrepoint, Landmark Group