Commercials Presently Dominating the Big Screen

From leisure and entertainment, to healthcare and properties & real estate, here are the commercials presently
dominating the big screen across the Motivate Val Morgan cinema circuit.


With recent blockbusters such as Tom & Jerry, Raya and the Last Dragon and Godzilla vs. Kong performing successfully well at box office, and with more content across a variety of languages confirmed for theatrical release, there is no better time than now to advertise your brand in cinema.


Here are some brand commercials presently dominating the big screen:

American Hospital

Ad Duration: 60 sec.
Campaign Duration: 05th March 2021 to 14th July 2021
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations:
Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, The Pointe and VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, Mall of the Emirates, Mercato and Nakheel Mall



Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Follow a Movie: Godzilla vs Kong
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – Mall of Emirates and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and The Pointe.


Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Ad Duration: 55 sec.
Campaign Duration: 23rd Jan 2021 to 21st April 2021 (Part of an Annual Campaign)
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: Multiple Reel and VOX locations


Al Hokail Medical Group

Ad Duration: 20 sec. (each)
Campaign Duration: 18th March to 26th May 2021
Country: Saudi Arabia
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – West Avenue Mall and MUVI Cinemas – Nakheel Mall


Double Tree by Hilton Resort and Spa

Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 07th April 2021
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, Mercato, Mall of the Emirates, Nation Towers, YAS Mall, The Galleria Al Maryah Island.



Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 07th April 2021
Country: Saudi Arabia
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – Red Sea Mall, Riyadh Front, Riyadh Park and Kingdom Centre, and MUVI Cinemas – Mall of Arabia.



Ad Duration: 60 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 13th April 2021 (part of annual campaign)
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: Multiple VOX, Reel, Oscar, Cine Royal and Cinemacity locations.


Shine light on your brand by making cinema an integral part of your media plan! Contact a member of our sales team for more information on advertising opportunities.



Cinema Remains an Important Touchpoint for Luxury Brands

There was once a time when the luxury media landscape used to be simple – including mainly television, outdoor, print, radio and a tad of cinema. Then luxury consumers went ahead and started finding inspiration and shopping opportunities in places and at times that brands found puzzling.

This consumer-driven puzzle became more complex as high-end fashion brands started showing their collections in-season, launching digital and print ads instantly and allowing consumers to buy runway items in real-time.

To address this complexity, luxury brands started heavily investing in digital media with fervor unseen in any other industry. Nevertheless, the safest and best way to guarantee a larger segment of affluent consumers are exposed to a brand and its respective message is by including a variety of touchpoints in its media plan.

This article explores why luxury brands should choose cinema as a medium for advertising, how cinemas in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East have evolved over the last two years – catering to a range of audiences; including affluent consumers with a sophisticated mindset, and why cinema remains an important touchpoint – when targeting niche audiences.


Why choose cinema as a medium for advertising:

Ideal Environment for Advertising

Dark Auditorium & Distraction Free – All eyes on the big-screen and attention guaranteed without interruptions.

Everything About it is BIG

Larger Than Life Image – Consumers notice cinema ads as they make real use of the big screen with impressive graphics, panoramic landscapes and unusual visual displays.

Exceptional Audio

Surround Sound & Booming Bass – Sound is a key part of the cinema experience, with the best ads using it to optimize its effect.

Captive & Receptive Audience

“Opt in” Medium – With the audience choosing to go to the cinema, your brand reaches out to a relaxed and receptive audience.

In addition, cinema offers 360-degree exposure and innovative opportunities to brands – utilizing both on-screen and off-screen advertising. Ranging from sampling, activations, promotions and many more activities, advertisers can now compliment and support their on-screen ads with off-screen advertising for greater brand impact.


Research from the region to justify investment in cinema advertising:

Commissioned by Motivate Val Morgan – market leader in cinema advertising across the Middle East, Ipsos – global market and opinion research specialist, recently conducted a study to decipher movie-going audiences and measure the effectiveness of cinema advertising in the UAE.

The report, Cinema 360: Audience, Advertising and Movies, examines the following:

The study validates the distinctive power of cinema as a medium for entertainment and advertising: premium first-run content, delivered to a captive and engaged audience, in an impactful environment, can deliver significant uplift and value to advertising budgets.


Here are the key findings from Cinema 360: Audience, Advertising and Movies

Key Finding from MVM-IPSOS Research Report


It is also important to note that the movie-going culture is big in the UAE – especially amongst locals and affluent expats.

MVM-IPSOS Report - Frequency of Visiting the Cinema (Nationality)


Click here to access the full report.


How cinemas in the region have evolved:

Over the last two years, cinema operators have invested a great deal on expanding and upgrading their respective cinema multiplexes.

This upgrade includes the revamp of existing luxury cinema screens and the introduction of luxury cinema concepts and stand-alone boutique cinemas.

Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle East


Luxury cinemas are intimate and private with fully reclining armchairs and adjustable footrests arranged in pairs with their own private table. The seating is tiered for unobstructed

The sheer opulence and indulgence of these luxury cinemas also offers unsurpassed levels of service. Drinks and snacks are served on-demand throughout the movie and the menu offers a range of premium food options.

An exclusive lounge facility is adjacent to each of these luxury cinemas – for guests who want a more intimate cinema experience.

Motivate Val Morgan serviced cinemas that offer luxury cinema experiences include: VOX Cinemas (regionally), Reel Cinemas (UAE), Oscar Cinema (UAE), Cine Royal Cinema (UAE), Roxy Cinema (UAE) and Cinemacity (UAE).


Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle East


Partnering with celebrity Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes, VOX Cinemas introduced a new luxury THEATRE by Rhodes – the first concept of its kind in the Middle East in September 2015 at its Mall of the Emirates cinema location.

THEATRE by Rhodes delivers the most innovative and customer-focused experience, presenting movie lovers with a full food and beverage menu –prepared by in house chefs who are all trained to meet the internationally renowned Rhodes’ standard.

From a state-of-the-art auditorium to the large leather reclining pod-seats, waiter service and exclusive lounge, THEATRE by Rhodes is luxury cranked up to the max – effectively an upgrade on the VOX Gold Class cinema experience.

THEATRE by Rhodes is solely available at VOX Cinemas: Mall of the Emirates (UAE – Dubai), Yas Mall (UAE -Abu Dhabi) Nation Towers (UAE -Abu Dhabi), Doha Festival City (Qatar) and The Avenues (Bahrain).


Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle East


The Roxy at BOXPARK in the UAE offers a boutique ambience that combines plush retro elements (Italian leather-trimmed seats), cutting edge audio-visual technology and a carefully-crafted menu of gourmet selections

It is the region’s first boutique cinema experience – combining plush and retro elements that delivers a magical movie experience.


The average cost for a couple in one of these luxury high-end cinemas (including tickets and F&B) is around 450 AED for just one movie night – thus offering luxury brands with the perfect target audience – the coveted, but hard to reach, affluent and educated consumers between the age of 25 to 60+.


Example Luxury Brand Cinema On-Screen Campaigns Booked Through Motivate Val Morgan:



An advertiser from 2016.


Tiffany & Co.

An advertiser from 2016.


Tag Heuer

An advertiser from 2017.


Other Luxury Brand On-Screen Cinema Advertisers of Motivate Val Morgan:


Example Luxury Brand Cinema Off-screen Campaigns Booked Through Motivate Val Morgan:

 Elie Saab

Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle Eas


An advertised from 2017.



Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle East


An advertised from 2017.


Narciso Rodriguez

Luxury Brand Cinema Advertising in the Middle East


An advertised from 2017.


Why cinema remains an important touchpoint – when targeting luxury niche audiences:

With an increase in the number of blockbusters releasing across the region and an equal increase in the number of cinema admissions each year, there’s no doubt that cinema remains an important platform for entertainment – catering to all ages and nationalities, and advertising in the region.

Luxury cinema concepts are very high-end and upscale – designated plush lobby areas, comfortable leather reclining seats, bespoke F&B offerings and a personalized waiter service, which elevates the movie going experience for consumers with a sophisticated mindset.

Such cinemas create small, intimate and curated relationships with sophisticated audiences which are more viable for luxury brands than mass awareness-seeking media campaigns.

Brand Storytelling is increasingly becoming the new way to create meaningful dialogs with luxury consumers – and there’s no better place than cinema for showcasing such content.

Luxury cinema concepts are no longer specific to certain operators. Today, most reputed cinema operator across the region offer unique luxury cinema experiences – catering to audiences of varying levels of sophistication.


Why choose to partner with Motivate Val Morgan:

Motivate Val Morgan’s coverage includes over 480 cinema screens across 55 cinema locations in the Middle EastUAE, Lebanon, Oman, Egypt, QatarBahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We partner with leading cinema operators who offer luxury cinema experiences and have a presence in the best shopping malls across the region.

Contact a member from our sales team for more information on cinema advertising opportunities that target affluent and sophisticated audiences.



Source: Luxury Daily




A Look Into the Futuristic Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall

UAE cinema chain Reel Cinemas has been undergoing a revamp of late, with The Dubai Mall cinema now home to 14 transformed screens with Dolby Atmos surround sound and Barco Flagship Laser Projectors. Together with the four existing Platinum screens, Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall has 18 operational screens in total.

The cinema’s new look is rather FUTURISTIC – offering guests a complete digital journey. From self-service machines for ticket purchasing and F&B orders (the cinema no longer features a traditional box office and candy bar), to a social wall and a curved digital poster wall, Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall aims to set new standards for cinema chains across the Middle East.

The cinema at The Dubai Mall has also upped its refreshment offerings through new partnerships, where cinemagoers can now get their hands on gourmet burgers, pizzas, cookies, cupcakes, pancakes and a wide range of hot and cold drink-  including Karak Chai.

The second phase of the cinema’s renovation is presently underway, and once completed, Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall will house approximately 26 screens with a seating capacity of over 2300 seats.


Reel Cinema - The Dubai Mall's new look


The cinema chain has also launched UAE’s first movie pass membership –  available to cinemagoers in Dubai.

For Dhs79 per month, or Dhs199 for three months, members get access to unlimited screenings at Reel CinemasThe Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. Though only applicable to standard cinema screens, members can use their pass every single day of the week.

There are limited memberships available, and early members also get discounted rates for a limited period. All members enjoy 10 percent discounts off Reel Cinemas F&B, and memberships are active until December 31 2018, with payment of monthly renewal fees.

In order to get a ticket for a screening, members need to visit a Reel Cinemas ticket counter within 90 minutes of the film’s start time, and present their Unlimited Membership card. Unfortunately, tickets cannot be booked online

Visit Reel Cinemas for more information. Motivate Val Morgan is the official cinema advertising partner of Reel CinemasThe Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall. Contact us for cinema advertising opportunities at these two locations.



Sources: Reel Cinemas, Arabian Business and Time Out Dubai