Centrepoint | Show Yourself | Brand Film | 2018

Centrepoint – Middle East’s biggest fashion store and the region’s most coveted fashion retail brand, launched its newest brand film in cinema.

Conceptualized by Impact BBDO, Dubai, the new brand positioning embodies the spirit of the Centrepoint brand, to promote confidence through fashion.

“With a shifting consumer, cultural and competitive landscape, our new brand strategy focuses on positioning Centrepoint with purpose and pride heralding a new era for fashion-retail. The brand campaign is a reflection of our ‘purpose driven’ thinking and puts the consumer right at the centre of the action.” says Simon Cooper, Head of Centrepoint.

Not only does the campaign target a growing segment of the youth who constantly battle to express themselves, but cuts across a wide spectrum of audiences – especially in the region that can relate to the emotion and the lack of it. For them, fashion-confidence is a powerful ally and a response to the uncertainty.

Shyam Sunder, Senior Marketing & Ecommerce Head of Centrepoint adds,” ‘Show Yourself’ is based on a simple insight – that the lack of confidence often buries people under layers of self-doubt and uncertainty. Thus, making the brand platform an invitation to the inner-self, to break through the layers of ‘self-doubt’ that curb expression. “

Produced by Truffle, Beirut, and directed by Martin Stirling, the film tells the story of ‘The boy nobody could see’ and features Passenger cover ‘Let her go’ by Anna Pancaldi and Arch Birds.

Fadi Yaish, ECD of Impact BBDO, Dubai adds to the truth behind the film: “I’ve always identified with introverts. There have been times where I have felt comfortable blending in with the surroundings or the furniture even. But my best moments have come, when I’ve taken the courage to show the world that I exist.”


Centrepoint’s – Show Yourself, 60 sec brand film was booked through Motivate Val Morgan in two bursts:


1st Burst –

Start Date: 25 January 2018

End Date: 31 January 2018

Period: 1 week

Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, Mall of the Emirates and Burjuman


2nd Burst –

Start Date: 8 February 2018

End Date: 14 February 2018

Period: 1 week

Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, Mall of the Emirates and Burjuman


Take a look at the commercial below:


Client – Centrepoint

Head of Centrepoint – Simon Cooper

Senior Head of Marketing – Shyam Sunder

Marketing Manager – Rupal Panjani

Agency – Impact BBDO, Dubai

Executive Creative Director – Fadi Yaish

Associate Creative Director – Alok Mohan

Agency Producer – Aly Seifelnasr

VP General Manager – Colin Farmer

Account Director – Christopher Kiernan

Account Director – Andrew Peacock

Account Manager – Lizelle Rodrigues

Planner – Saurabh Dahiya

Production House – Truffle, Beirut

Executive Producers: Michel Abou Zeid and Cynthia Chammas

Director: Martin Stirling

DOP: Carl Burke

Costume Designer: Valter Kobal

Grading: Jean Clément Soret / MPC London

Online: MPC London

Music Supervisor: Leland Music 

Passenger Cover: “Let Her Go” by Anna Pancaldi and Arch Birds

Production Designer: Natasa Rogelj

Editor/ Editing House: Eve AshwellThe Assembly Rooms



Source: Centrepoint

Centrepoint | Cinema Advertising | Testimonial

Landmark Group’s Centrepoint is the biggest fashion store in the Middle East, the region’s most coveted fashion retail brand – with 140 stores across the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, and also one of Motivate Val Morgan’s loyal clients for many years.

Shyam Sunder, Sr. Marketing & Ecommerce Head, Lead Member – Group Marketing at Centrepoint shares a testimonial on cinema advertising and how the medium has benefited the brand.


Why does Centrepoint choose to advertise in cinema? How does cinema fit into Centrepoint’s media strategy?

“Being a fashion destination in leading malls where cinemas are present, the cinema medium has always been an intrinsic touchpoint in our customers’ journey. Also considering our rich repertoire of world class films, we believe we can captivate our customers on the big screens and inspire them to keep shopping with us.”


What is Centrepoint’s view on the medium and how does it compete/compliment other advertising mediums utilized by the brand?

“Cinema is undoubtedly a great medium and the few remaining captive audience platforms which can entertain viewers without skipping. Hence, while we are digital marketing driven, we cannot let go of the potential and popularity of Cinemas in this region.”


Does Centrepoint use the cinema medium for campaigns relating to brand awareness, tactical promotions, or both?

“Both. Centrepoint has managed to harmonise both fashion and tactical campaigns with its new SALE films. Our series of films, ‘Sabotage’ ‘Lies’ and now ‘Unleash Greed’ are path breaking and balances both quite brilliantly.”


Was cinema the best fit for a specific commercial/campaign?

 “The Centrepoint SALE is the biggest retail events in the region and we have been inventing in the property with some trail blazing work and consistent presence in cinemas across the region.”


How efficient was it to book/deal through Motivate Val Morgan?

 “We get the best in class cinema network at great value with Motivate Val Morgan. It’s been a long and enduring relationship as both brands continue to improve and innovate.”


Check out some of the Centrepoint ads that were booked through Motivate Val Morgan and screened across our network of cinemas in the UAE:















Source: Centrepoint, Landmark Group

Centrepoint ‘Sale’ Advertising Campaign – Unleash Greed

In a region that is known for its year-long sales and shopping festivals, Centrepoint had to stand out in an overly competitive and cluttered category, meet expectations that are incredibly high and attain more footfalls in their stores.

With 140 stores across the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, Centrepoint is the Middle East’s biggest fashion store and also the region’s most coveted fashion retail brand.

Their newest Sale regional advertising campaign conceptualized by Impact BBDO, Dubai, is based on ‘one of the purest emotions’. When there’s a sale, you feel like you want everything in the store. And if that comes across as greed, that’s okay. Because the Centrepoint Sale is the only socially acceptable place to unleash greed.

“This is a bold new moment for Centrepoint as we look to take the brand forward. The film tackles the motivations and modern contradictions behind consumer decision making.”, states Simon Cooper, Head of Centrepoint.

Shyam Sunder, Sr. Head of Marketing adds, “The Centrepoint Sale is one of the biggest retail events in the region. Our new film from Impact BBDO is based on a strong behavioural insight which directly relates to our Sale.”

“The first thing people asked when they saw the film was “where did you shoot this?”. Their jaws dropped when they learnt it was in Beirut. We are immensely proud that a film shot in Lebanon is raising the bar in the Middle East.”, say Cynthia Chammas and Michelle Abou Zei, Executive Producers at Truffle Films.

Fadi Yaish, ECD of Impact BBDO, Dubai sums it up well – “The Centrepoint Sale comes with up to 70% off, it would be a crime if you weren’t greedy.”

In less than 24 hours since its release on social media, the film had already been viewed over a million times and is making a positive impact – in terms of footfalls across Centrepoint stores.

The 60 second advertising campaign was booked through Motivate Val Morgan and screened across cinemas in the UAE:

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira, Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, City Centre Ajman and City Centre Fujairah (All Screens)

Oscar Cinema – Al Foah Mall, Al Raha Mall, Al Wahda Mall and Al Ain Sports Club (All Screens)

Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall (All Screens)

The commercial was booked to screen from 21st December 2017 to 3rd January 2018.



Sources: Impact BBDO and Centrepoint