BBC Earth | Cinematic On-Screen Ad | UAE

BBC Earth recently booked a 4 week on-screen campaign through Motivate Val Morgan – an audio and visual storytelling ad, making it cinematic and memorable in every sense.


Standing out amongst the crowd has always been the challenge in advertising.


With so many other ad messages to compete with, how does a brand make its messaging resonate with its target market?


The answer is a compelling story; one that reaches the heart of the consumer and evokes a feeling or a memory.


But a compelling story is just one step of the way. The next step is to make sure that story is experienced in all its glory on a platform that attracts the attention of audiences  – one that connects, captivates and is memorable enough to convert, and there’s no better place than cinema to tell a story!


BBC Earth – a first time advertiser with Motivate Val Morgan, recently booked a 30 sec. cinematic on-screen ad at VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall for a period of 4 weeks (1st January – 28th January 2021).


The ad promotes the new and exclusive BBC Earth show – A Perfect Planet, and is an audio and visual storytelling masterpiece, evoking emotion and making it memorable when viewed in a distraction free environment, on the BIG Screen.



Here are three reasons why cinema is the best medium for storytelling:


Ultimate platform for advertising

Cinema provides the best seat in media – an immersive experience with unmatchable audio and visual storytelling capability, offering advertisers captive and engaged audiences.


Variety of cinema experiences

Cinema exhibitors, in the Middle East and around the world, offer cutting-edge cinema concepts and technology (3D, 4D, IMAX, Dolby, ScreenX, etc.) – pushing the boundaries of cinemagoing. This in turn affords advertisers new and exciting formats of cinema advertising – guaranteed to create greater brand impact through storytelling.


Flexible advertising durations

Cinema offers advertisers with a range of ad durations, from 30, 45, 60, 75 and 90 seconds, thus the opportunity to run longer and more compelling brand stories that aren’t subject to stringent slots.


In a multi-screen, multi-platform world where people are constantly targeted with brand messages, it’s becoming more important to emotionally engage audiences than ever before. Today’s consumers are more sophisticated and are tired of traditional advertising! They want to be told about products and services in a more creative, captivating and entertaining manner.


Why not free yourself from the confines of traditional advertising by creating powerful brand stories and aligning your brand with cinema advertising in 2021?


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