Star Wars: The Last Jedi (December 2017)

Why Cinema?

Cinema is the ultimate platform for brands, providing the most powerful medium to impact engaged consumers with audio-visual storytelling.

Ideal Environment for Advertising
Dark Auditorium & Distraction Free – All eyes on the big-screen and attention guaranteed without interruptions.

Everything About it is BIG
Larger Than Life Image – Consumers notice cinema ads as they make real use of the big screen with impressive graphics, panoramic landscapes and unusual visual displays.

Exceptional Audio
Surround Sound & Booming Bass – Sound is a key part of the cinema experience, with the best ads using it to optimize its effect.

Captive & Receptive Audience
“Opt in” Medium – With the audience choosing to go to the cinema, your brand reaches out to a relaxed and receptive audience.

  1. Unrivalled Impact
  2. A Desirable Audience
  3. The Best Content in the Business
  4. Specific Targeting
  5. 100% Digital

Cinema delivers highly engaged audiences in the most impactful environment which media budgets can buy.

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Research proves that cinema is a powerful component of an advertiser’s screen strategy when used in combination with TV and online advertising delivering a significant uplift in advertising effectiveness.

The research was conducted by BrandScience across two campaigns running identical creative on cinema, TV and online video and involved interviews with over 1,200 respondents. Respondents were grouped based on their opportunity to see across different media channels.

  • Not exposed to any channel
  • Only exposed to TV
  • Exposed to both TV and online
  • Exposed to cinema and TV
  • Exposed to cinema and online
  • Exposed to cinema, TV and online

For advertisers this presents compelling information on the role of cinema as part of any AV strategy in conjunction with television and online video.