Meet the SAWA #HelloBigScreen Ad Legends

November 15, 2021

SAWA Ad Legends

Meet the SAWA #HelloBigScreen Ad Legends for cinema – Sir John Hegarty, Mark Ritson, Corinne Woods, Marcello Serpa, Mark Tutssel and Rosie Arnold


SAWA (Global Cinema Advertising Association) recently launched a three-minute video – #HelloBigScreen … aimed at raising awareness for the unparalleled POWER and EFFECTIVENESS of cinema.


The video features six Ad Legends – the world’s most iconic names in the advertising, film and humanitarian worlds, sharing their thoughts on the importance of cinema by offering their endorsement to the ultimate creative expression in advertising – the ‘Cinema Medium’.


SAWA #HelloBigScreen Ad Legends Campaign:


Here’s what Sir John Hegarty (world-renowned creator of legendary ad campaigns for Levi’s, Lego, and Audi, among other), Mark Ritson (leading global advertising guru — brand consultant, and former marketing professor and has worked globally as a private marketing consultant for global organisations) and Corinne Woods (Director of Communications at United Nations World Food Programme and a key player in the transition and strategic implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals) have to say about the cinema medium:


Sir John Hegarty – Attention:

Cinemagoers are the most valuable & lucrative audience to reach because they’ve paid to be at the Cinema…  “In a world of constant interruptions and distractions – Attention is the holy grail for marketers and that’s the reason why I like Cinema.”


Sir John Hegarty – Place of Dreams:

“I love the Cinema, it’s a Palace of Dreams, a place to be entertained and inspired, where your imagination is set free and Cinema is unique in a world of distraction.” The Big Screen is difficult to ignore and ads cannot be skipped or muted.


Sir John Hegarty – Mother of All Screens:

Does size matter to you? “When we see our life reduced to some handheld screen and we then go into a Cinema – the Mother of all screens – it is  something to be sought after.”


Mark Ritson – Chasing Attention

“In an era where we are chasing attention and ‘viewability’ is a crucial word and targeting younger audiences is getting harder and harder – remember the power of the incredible medium of Cinema.”


Mark Ritson – Cult Ads Guinness & Levis 1984

“Let’s not forget the incredible emotion and viewability of Cinema and what wonderful things Cinema Advertising can do for brands.” If you want your message to have impact with high recall, using cinema as a platform guarantees powerful brand impact.


Corinne Woods – Perfect Environment

“The cinema experience is unique and tells stories to an audience that sits together, and as a community, watch films together as a community. It’s important to change the world and the cinema Medium can contribute to that.”


Marcello Serpa – No Distractions

“The bigger the screen, the bigger the emotion – that’s the power of Cinema.”


Rosie Arnold – A Strange Year

“Its not just the glory of the big screen, the sound and the visual elements, its the shared experience that is more powerful than anything I can think of. When the screen opens and the movie starts, you are moved and effected not just by the movie, but the Cinema advertising as well.”


Mark Tutssel – Curtains Open

“I love cinema advertising. It can turn up the volume and transfix an audience. It is a different Medium, you sit in the dark and are told a story.”


Mark Tutssel – Nothing Like It

“There’s nothing like Cinema that can captivate an audience.”


Mark Tutssel – Finest Cult Cinema Ads

“Think of some of the finest cult Cinema ads, highly engaging, changed culture and struck a visceral cord with audiences. Magical films that you can watch again and again and ideas that stay with audiences forever.”


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