MVM Cinema Update 2018: Cinema and Brands – A Blockbuster Pairing

From the lift of a 35-year ban on cinemas in Saudi Arabia, which has paved the way for cinema exhibitors to unveil six cinema locations (single screens and multiplexes) in Riyadh and Jeddah – with more on the way across the Kingdom, to a paradigm shift across the rest of the region where exhibitors are investing in opening new locations, renovating existing locations, offering innovative ways to watch a movie – luxury cinema seating and F&B options to suit a variety of moods, the overall ambience of cinema has redefined movie going experiences in the Middle East.

Superhero and action movies are no doubt the most popular with audiences of this region. Nevertheless, irrespective of the movie genre, cinemas continue to have a consistent line-up of blockbusters throughout the year – delivering impressive admission figures.

Whether launching a new brand or product, marketing a special event or new residential complex, promoting a special offer or advertising a brand awareness campaign, cinema is the ultimate platform for memorable storytelling, helps advertisers target specific audiences, builds deeper audience engagement and delivers valuable incremental reach when added to a brand’s media mix.

Check out Motivate Val Morgan’s Cinema Update for 2018, and make cinema an integral part of your media plan in 2019!



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