Eid al-Fitr 2024 Cinema Campaigns

Check out the ads that featured in cinema during the Eid al-Fitr 2024 long weekend!


The spirit of Eid al-Fitr once again filled the region, transforming the long weekend into a vibrant celebration. Families and friends flocked to shopping malls and entertainment hubs, eager to connect and revel in the festivities.

With more than 14 highly anticipated movies from various genres and languages being released, movie theaters resonated with laughter and excitement as audiences rushed to see the latest releases on the big screen. This festive atmosphere provided a perfect platform for brands to capture hearts and minds through cinema advertising.

From riveting ads by fast food chains, automobile companies, and airlines, here are the commercials that lit up the big screen during Eid al-Fitr 2024:


McDonald’s – FTM Dune: Part Two

Country: Qatar
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


BYD – FTM Dune: Part Two

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select VOX & AMC locations


Almarai – FTM Kung Fu Panda 4

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select VOX, Muvi, AMC & Reel locations


Birmingham University Dubai – Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire

Country: UAE
Operator(s): Select VOX locations



Country: UAE
Operator(s): Select Royal, CinemaCity, Cinépolis, Oscar, Reel & VOX locations


WWE 2K24

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC & Muvi locations


Abdul Samad Qurashi

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Dallah Hospitals

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Disabled Children’s Association (DCA)

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi, Reel & VOX locations


Green Farms

Country: KSA
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


National Transformation Program (NTP)

Country: KSA (Saudi Arabia)
Operator(s): Select AMC, Muvi & VOX locations


Gulf Air

Country: Bahrain
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


Oman Post / Asyad Express

Country: Oman
Operator(s): Select Cinepolis & VOX locations


Royal Opera House

Country: Oman
Operator(s): Select VOX locations


Burger King

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Misr Life Insurance

Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations



Country: Egypt
Operator(s): VOX locations


Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Kuwait Finance House (KFH)

Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas



Country: Kuwait
Operator(s): VOX Cinemas


Think cinema for ‘attention-grabbing’ advertising! Contact us for cinema advertising opportunities alongside special events and celebrations.




Kibsons International | Cinema Sampling | 2023

Kibsons International recently booked a sampling activity at select cinema locations across Abu Dhabi between 19-21 May 2023.


The sampling activity was booked to coincide with the release of the action blockbuster, Fast X, which collected over US$3.3 million in its opening weekend in the UAE, and $319 million globally.


The sampling was Kibsons’ second cinema campaign of this year, following the successful integrated campaign in January.


Kibsons Sampling


The latest campaign entailed the distribution of branded boxes containing a selection of fresh fruits, snacks, and a discount voucher for patrons to collect at the entrance and exit of the cinema auditoriums at the respective locations.


Contact us to learn more on how off screen cinema advertising can help move your brand closer to its target audience.



Source: Box Office Mojo.




UAE National Day | Cinema Campaigns | 2021

Here are the brands that advertised in cinema to celebrate UAE National Day 2021


United Arab Emirates celebrated its 50th National DayThe Year of the 50, on 2nd December 2021.

Set against the scenic landscape of Hatta’s dams, lakes, and valleys, the 50th National Day celebrations on a floating stage was a fitting extravaganza for the country’s Golden Jubilee.

The anniversary was also celebrated across the seven emirates and by their millions of residents – from many different faiths, races, cultures and nations, by gathering to watch firework displays and take part in a variety of celebratory activities, including a free day at Expo 2020.

To honour and celebrate the nation’s leadership, progress, history and values, three brands  launched cinema campaigns across the country:



Agency: Fusion 5

Ad Duration: 150 secs.

Campaign Duration: 2nd December to 9th December 2021

Cinema Locations: Multiple VOX, Cinemacity, Cine Royal and Oscar cinema locations



Agency: Spark Foundry

Ad Duration: 20 secs.

Campaign Duration: 25th November to 4th December 2021

Cinema Locations: Multiple VOX locations and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall



Agency: Initiative

Ad Duration: 20 secs.

Campaign Duration: 25th November to 25th December 2021

Cinema Locations: Across the Motivate Val Morgan cinema circuit


Contact us for cinema advertising opportunities to mark special occasions/events across our circuit in the GCC.




Commercials Presently Dominating the Big Screen

From leisure and entertainment, to healthcare and properties & real estate, here are the commercials presently
dominating the big screen across the Motivate Val Morgan cinema circuit.


With recent blockbusters such as Tom & Jerry, Raya and the Last Dragon and Godzilla vs. Kong performing successfully well at box office, and with more content across a variety of languages confirmed for theatrical release, there is no better time than now to advertise your brand in cinema.


Here are some brand commercials presently dominating the big screen:

American Hospital

Ad Duration: 60 sec.
Campaign Duration: 05th March 2021 to 14th July 2021
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations:
Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, The Pointe and VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, Mall of the Emirates, Mercato and Nakheel Mall



Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Follow a Movie: Godzilla vs Kong
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – Mall of Emirates and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and The Pointe.


Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Ad Duration: 55 sec.
Campaign Duration: 23rd Jan 2021 to 21st April 2021 (Part of an Annual Campaign)
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: Multiple Reel and VOX locations


Al Hokail Medical Group

Ad Duration: 20 sec. (each)
Campaign Duration: 18th March to 26th May 2021
Country: Saudi Arabia
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – West Avenue Mall and MUVI Cinemas – Nakheel Mall


Double Tree by Hilton Resort and Spa

Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 07th April 2021
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, Mercato, Mall of the Emirates, Nation Towers, YAS Mall, The Galleria Al Maryah Island.



Ad Duration: 30 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 07th April 2021
Country: Saudi Arabia
Cinema Locations: VOX Cinemas – Red Sea Mall, Riyadh Front, Riyadh Park and Kingdom Centre, and MUVI Cinemas – Mall of Arabia.



Ad Duration: 60 sec.
Campaign Duration: 25th March 2021 to 13th April 2021 (part of annual campaign)
Country: UAE
Cinema Locations: Multiple VOX, Reel, Oscar, Cine Royal and Cinemacity locations.


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UAE National Day | Mubadala Cinema Campaign | 2020

Mubadala launches a cinema campaign to celebrate UAE National Day


United Arab Emirates will celebrate 49 glorious years as a nation on 2nd December 2020. UAE National Day is one of the most celebrated days in the country as it marks the anniversary of the federal unification of the seven emirates (Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al Quwain and Fujairah).


In celebration and honour of the nation’s leadership, history, values and progress, Mubadala booked a 60 sec. on-screen ad campaign through Motivate Val Morgan to screen across multiple locations in the UAE from 24th November – 14th December 2020.


VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates
Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall

Abu Dhabi:
VOX Cinemas – The Galleria Al Maryah Island, Marina Mall and Yas Mall

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Sharjah
Cinemacity – Zero 6 Mall

Ras Al Khaimah:
VOX Cinemas – Al Hamra Mall



Interested in launching a campaign to celebrate a special day? With Christmas fast approaching, and the confirmed release of Wonder Woman 1984 set for 17 December 2020, contact a member of our sales team for more information on displaying your brand commercial on the BIG Screen.

Sharjah Film Platform Returns for its Third Edition

The third edition of the Sharjah Film Platform (SFP) organized by Sharjah Art Foundation (SAF), will take place from 14 – 21 November 2020, continuing the Foundation’s longstanding commitment to film programming and the support of established and aspiring filmmakers.


The Festival will screen award-winning and never-before-seen films, and include discussions and workshops – taking place across cinemas and online. Also part of the programme will be the distribution of awards by an international jury of distinguished directors, filmmakers and critics for outstanding cinematic productions screened during the festival, including Best Narrative, Best Documentary and Best Experimental Film.


Opening with the premiere of Soha Shukayr’s In the Time of Revolution – an original short film supported by SAF’s Short Film Production Grant 2020, the Festival will also feature 60 films from around the world, including the Middle East premiers of acclaimed films such as: The Shepherdess and The Seven Songs (2020), Eyimofe (This is My Desire) (2020) and Epicentro (2020), winner of the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival in 2020.


Commenting on the third edition of SFP, Hoor Al Qasimi – Director of Sharjah Art Foundation said: “There is an exceptional community of filmmakers in the UAE and the surrounding region, and through the establishment of Sharjah Film Platform in 2018, we aimed to build on the SAF’s longstanding support for filmmakers and help bring their work to wider international audiences.”


“The substantial developments happening this year the inclusion of an online screening component for the festival and the launch of the SFP Industry Hub allow us to build on our commitment to films by bringing the work of incredible filmmakers from the region straight into the homes of viewers around the world and by creating new infrastructure to support emerging filmmakers and lay the groundwork for more risk-taking, experimental and exceptional films in the years to come,” added Al Qasimi.


Screenings will take place at SAF’s open-air Mirage City Cinema, the recently renovated Flying Saucer and the IMAX at Cinemacity – Zero 6 Mall in Sharjah. Meanwhile, online screenings will be hosted on SAF’s dedicated virtual Festival platform, which will also present the talks and workshops programme this year. The Industry Hub, launching for the first time, is a new initiative that aims to support film production and distribution in the MENASA region.


Cinema screenings are priced at Dh20 per screening, while online screenings will cost Dh10 per screening. An all-access online pass is also available for Dh50.


Click here to view the entire programme.

Click here to book you tickets.


Sources: Sharjah Art Foundation, Zaywa and Gulf News

Cinema Advertising Builds Brand Intimacy

There has been a rapid increase of investment by advertisers in cinema advertising, the luxury brands are not far off.


Today, there are countless of options for luxury brands to tell their stories. To choose the right platform, advertisers need to tap into the consumers cluttered mind, which is exposed to advertisements on a daily. One way to ensure that the brand breaks through this clutter is by raising the intimacy the consumer shares with the brand.


Important findings from the latest 2019 Brand Intimacy Report by MBLM and attributes of cinema advertising which help build Brand Intimacy among cinemagoers, gain a better understanding of ‘Brand Intimacy’ and more.


Understanding Brand Intimacy


Brand Intimacy is defined as the emotional science that measures the bonds we form with the brands we use and love. These bonds are reciprocal and are fueled by emotion. Brands that build stronger bonds create stronger business return and longevity.


According to the 2019 Brand Intimacy Report, consumers are more willing to pay price premiums for Intimate Brands and less willing to live without them.


“Brands in the luxury category rely on creating, sustaining and developing stronger emotional relationships with their consumers. We’ve seen a tremendous increase in the industry around the enhancement and ritual archetypes, indicating that their consumers are changing their relationship to brands in the luxury category,” states William Shintani, managing partner of MBLM.


Latest MBLM Report 2019:


In 2019, the luxury industry remains in the 7th rank out of the 15 industries showcased in the 2019 Brand Intimacy Report.


Average Brand Intimacy Quotient Scores by Industry


Dior rises to the top of the luxury industry, followed by Chanel at #2 and Louis Vuitton at #3. The Top 10 is rounded out by Cartier, Dolce & Gabbana, Armani, Gucci, HugoBoss, Burberry, and Hermès respectively.


2019 Top Luxury Rankings


Enhancement and Nostalgia are fastest growing archetypes (the type of emotional relationship between a person and a brand) in the luxury category.


31% of users report being in one of the three stages of intimacy (sharing, bonding and fusing) with the luxury industry.

Archetypes & Stages



Notable findings for the luxury industry include:


MBLM leverages the yearly study to help advertisers create, sustain and measure ultimate brand relationships. To download the full Brand Intimacy 2019 Report, please click here


Attributes of Cinema to Build Brand Intimacy


Cinema has the strongest combined brand impact of any medium, according to research by Millward Brown, commissioned by Digital Cinema Media.

Millward Brown brought together the combined learnings of 183 CrossMedia case studies from across Europe, 88 of which were in the UK, and examined how each medium performed against five metrics.

Pound-for-pound, cinema outperformed all of the other media in all but one of the five metrics.


Why choose cinema as a medium for advertising?


Cinema is the strongest medium for making brands memorable with a return of investment (ROI) of 2.9 per cent, ahead of TV with an ROI of 2.5 per cent.

Cinemas deliver greater recall and resonance for audiences than any other AV channel, now is a better time than ever for marketers to invest in cinema advertising to build their brands.


Ideal Environment for Advertising


Dark Auditorium & Distraction Free – All eyes on the big-screen and attention guaranteed without interruptions.


Everything About it is BIG


Larger Than Life Image – Consumers notice cinema ads as they make real use of the big screen with impressive graphics, panoramic landscapes and unusual visual displays.


Exceptional Audio


Surround Sound & Booming Bass – Sound is a key part of the cinema experience, with the best ads using it to optimize its effect.


Captive & Receptive Audience


“Opt in” Medium – With the audience choosing to go to the cinema, your brand reaches out to a relaxed and receptive audience.


In addition, cinema offers 360-degree exposure and innovative opportunities to brands – utilizing both on-screen and off-screen advertising. Ranging from sampling, activations, promotions and many more activities, advertisers can now compliment and support their on-screen ads with off-screen advertising for greater brand impact.


The tendency of people towards cinemas is increasing day by day. According to a survey, since 2008, the total number of people visiting cinemas increased by 24 percent, with 75 percent of the adult population. During the shows, with an excess of 87 percent of moviegoers exposed to the ads, cinema’s appeal is continually reaching to more and more people which provides a powerful way for advertisers to reach audiences.


Target luxury niche audiences using Cinema


With an increase in the number of blockbusters releasing across the region and an equal increase in the number of cinema admissions each year, there’s no doubt that cinema remains an important platform for entertainment – catering to all ages and nationalities, and advertising in the region.


Luxury cinema concepts are very high-end and upscale – designated plush lobby areas, comfortable leather reclining seats, bespoke F&B offerings and a personalized waiter service, which elevates the movie going experience for consumers with a sophisticated mindset.


Such cinemas create small, intimate and curated relationships with sophisticated audiences which are more viable for luxury brands than mass awareness-seeking media campaigns.


Brand Storytelling is increasingly becoming the new way to create meaningful dialogs with luxury consumers – and there’s no better place than cinema for showcasing such content.


Luxury cinema concepts are no longer specific to certain operators. Today, most reputed cinema operator across the region offer unique luxury cinema experiences – catering to audiences of varying levels of sophistication.


Over the last two years, cinema operators have invested a great deal on expanding and upgrading their respective cinema multiplexes. From luxury cinema screens, to cinemas designed focusing on the little ones, the cinemas are now catering to a variety of demographics than ever before.


This upgrade includes the revamp of existing luxury cinema screens and the introduction of luxury cinema concepts and stand-alone boutique cinemas.


Luxury cinemas are intimate and private with fully reclining armchairs and adjustable footrests arranged in pairs with their own private table. The seating is tiered for unobstructed viewing.


The sheer opulence and indulgence of these luxury cinemas also offers unsurpassed levels of service. Drinks and snacks are served on-demand throughout the movie and the menu offers a range of premium food options.


An exclusive lounge facility is adjacent to each of these luxury cinemas – to deliver an intimate cinema experience for guests.


Motivate Val Morgan serviced cinemas that offer luxury cinema experiences include: VOX Cinemas (regionally), Reel Cinemas (UAE), Oscar Cinema (UAE), Cine Royal Cinema (UAE) and Cinemacity (UAE).


Partnering with the late celebrity Michelin star chef Gary Rhodes, VOX Cinemas introduced a new luxury THEATRE by Rhodes – the first concept of its kind in the Middle East in September 2015 at its Mall of the Emirates cinema location.


THEATRE by Rhodes delivers the most innovative and customer-focused experience, presenting movie lovers with a full food and beverage menu –prepared by in house chefs who are all trained to meet the internationally renowned Rhodes’ standard.


From a state-of-the-art auditorium to the large leather reclining pod-seats, waiter service and exclusive lounge, THEATRE by Rhodes is luxury cranked up to the max – effectively an upgrade on the VOX Gold Class cinema experience.

THEATRE by Rhodes is solely available at VOX Cinemas: Mall of the Emirates (UAE – Dubai), Yas Mall (UAE -Abu Dhabi) Nation Towers (UAE -Abu Dhabi), Doha Festival City (Qatar) and The Avenues (Bahrain).


Example Luxury Brand Cinema On-Screen Campaigns Booked Through Motivate Val Morgan:




Tiffany & Co.


Tag Heuer


Why choose to partner with Motivate Val Morgan:


Motivate Val Morgan’s coverage includes over 480 cinema screens across 55 cinema locations in the Middle East – UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait. We partner with leading cinema operators who offer luxury cinema experiences and have a presence in the best shopping malls across the region.


With an incredible slate of content coming to the big screen in 2020, cinema is set to once again appeal to a wide range of demographics.


Contact a member from our sales team for more information on cinema advertising opportunities that target affluent and sophisticated audiences.




Sources: Aviamost, Forbes, CampaignLive

Ramadan and Eid | Cinema Campaigns | 2019

Ramadan is a special month of the year in the Middle East, and similar to that of Christmas in the west, the holy month has become a season of increased consumerism and attention to shopping – presenting advertisers with opportunities to capture the attention of consumers.

Here’s a glimpse of the Ramadan and Eid cinema ads from 2019 that screened across our cinema circuit in the Middle East:




The 15 sec. commercial, booked through OMD, screened in UAE (25th April – 1st May 2019) and Qatar (25th April – 8th May 2019) at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Ajman, Burjuman, City Centre Mirdif, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, Mall of the Emirates and Yas Mall Abu Dhabi and Doha Festival City.



Homes R Us


The 20 sec. commercial, booked through UM7, screened in UAE from 18th April to 15th May 2019 across VOX Cinemas – City Centre Ajman, Cineplex Grand Hyatt, City Centre Fujairah, City Centre Mirdif, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, Mall of the Emirates, Al Hamra Mall, City Centre Sharjah and Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, Oscar Cinema – Al Foah Mall and Al Wahda Mall, Cinemacity – 06 Mall, Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Deerfields Mall and Ruwais Mall, Roxy Cinemas – The Beach and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall.



Bank Muscat


The 45 sec. commercial – booked through MediaOne, screened in Oman from 4th June to 8th June 2019 at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Muscat, City Centre Qurum, Suhar Plaza, City Centre Suhar, MGM, Salalah, Shatti and Sur.



Danube Home


The 7 sec. commercial screened in UAE and Oman from 18th April to 15th May 2019 across VOX Cinemas – City Centre Sharjah, Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Fujairah, Al Hamra Mall, Al Jimi Mall, Panorama, Sur, Salalah, Buraimi, City Centre Muscat and City Centre Suhar, Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall.





The 9.5 sec. commercial screened in UAE from 16th May to 22nd May 2019 at Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall and Jebel Ali Club, VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira, Mercato Mall, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi and Yas Mall Abu Dhabi, Roxy Cinemas – The Beach and City Walk, Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall and Oscar Cinema – Al Foah Mall.





The 30 sec. commercial – booked through GroupM, screened in UAE from 4th June to 9th June 2019 at Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina Mall, Jebel Ali Club, Rove Downtown, The Springs Souk and The Pointe and Roxy Cinemas – The Beach and City Walk.





The 45 sec. commercial – booked through MediaCom, screened in the UAE from 3rd June to 9th June 2019 at VOX Cinemas – The Mall of Emirates and Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall.





The 25 sec. commercial – booked through Media Market (WARBA), screened in Kuwait from 25th April to 1st May 2019 at VOX Cinemas – The Avenues.





The 31 sec. commercial – booked through PHD Media, screened in the UAE from 9th May to 5th June 2019 at VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Deira



Du Tuesday


The 62 sec. commercial screened from 16th May to 26th May 2019 across all UAE locations of VOX Cinemas.





The 30 sec. commercial – booked through BPG, screened in Kuwait from 2nd May to 8th May 2019 at VOX Cinemas – The Avenues.





The 30 sec. commercial – booked through OMD, screened in Qatar from 29th April to 12th May 2019 at VOX Cinemas – Doha Festival City



Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum City – District One


The 60 sec. commercial – booked through BPN, screened in UAE from 4th June to 3rd July 2019 at VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates, Mercato Mall, Burjuman and City Centre Mirdif, Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall and Roxy Cinemas – City Walk.



Missed out on advertising in cinema over Eid al-Fitr? Contact a member of our sales team for cinema advertising opportunities over Eid al-Adha in August 2019.