Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One | Cinema Campaigns | 2023

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is the latest thrilling installment in the iconic Mission: Impossible franchise, with the daring Tom Cruise leading the charge. Anticipation for the film’s release has been high among both devoted fans and esteemed critics, and it has already proven to be a resounding box office success.


In its opening week, the movie achieved remarkable milestones, grossing an impressive US$80M domestically within its 5-day opening and amassing a staggering total of US$235M worldwide. This success underlines the enduring appeal of renowned franchises like Mission: Impossible in the region, making them prime opportunities for prominent brands to engage in cinema advertising.


Leading automotive manufacturer BMW, ectronics giant Samsung and luxury clothing and accessories brand Carter & White, among others, seized this golden opportunity to captivate cinema audiences alongside this year’s most highly anticipated action-packed cinematic experience.


Here are the cinema campaigns booked to follow or coincide with Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One:


Gazebo Restaurant

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie


Expo City Dubai

Country: UAE
Campaign type: On screen 13-26 July 2023


Carter & White

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie


Jeep Grand Wagoneer

Country: UAE and KSA
Campaign type: On screen 13 July -09 August 2023



Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie

On screen campaign and Off Screen campaign – Refer to the article: BMW | Integrated Cinema Campaign | 2023


Ford Middle East

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie


Asyad Express – Ship Your Cart

Country: Oman
Campaign type: On screen 13 July -09 August 2023


Etihad Airways

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie


American University of Kuwait

Country: Kuwait
Campaign type: On screen 07 July -20 August 2023


Samsung Flip

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie


Suzuki Grand Vitara

Country: UAE
Campaign type: Follow the movie



Country: KSA
Campaign type: Follow the movie


Think cinema for ‘attention-grabbing’ advertising!

Check out the list of upcoming blockbusters in Q3 2023 and contact us for cinema advertising opportunities across the GCC, Egypt and Lebanon.




Ramadan Ads | Middle East | 2020

Ramadan is a month of spirituality, downtime, and is also an eventful period for the ad world – similar to a month-long Super Bowl extravaganza.

Ramadan ad spots present an opportunity for advertisers and consumers to enjoy the most coveted advertising efforts of the year, for the ads usually focus more on the themes of the holy month than the individual product itself.

We haven’t seen that many Ramadan ads from across the Middle East this year, may be due to the coronavirus pandemic. Nonetheless, here’s a glimpse of the campaigns that did release, keeping the tradition alive.


 Careem Bahrain

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No matter how much the world changes around us, our Ramadan values and traditions always remain. Our family gatherings, the food we love, Ramadan decorations, the TV shows we all wait for & the shared value of giving during this holy month to keep us together and bring us closer. Ramadan Careem ??✨ . . العالم يتغير حولنا كل يوم , لكن لذّة رمضان تكتمل بقيمنا وعاداتنا وتقاليدنا التي تعودنا عليها . تجمعاتنا العائلية ، صوت المدفع الذي يجمع الكل على سفرة الطعام ، زينة رمضان المبهجة، البرامج التلفزيونية و المسلسلات التي ننتظرها جميعًا وأهمية العطاء المتبادل بين الجميع خلال هذا الشهر المبارك. لتبقينا سويا و تقربنا أكثر. رمضان كريم ??✨

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Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA)

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لتبقى روح الشهر الفضيل كما هي ? مبارك عليكم الشهر وكل عام وانتم بخير ✨ The spirit of the holy month will remain the same. ? Stay safe. Ramadan Kareem. ✨ __________________________________ #BahrainOursYours #البحرين #رمضان_الأسرة

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Fairy Arabia


Comfort Arabia




Qatar Airways














Hyundai MEA


Etihad Airways





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✨? ? سعداء بمواصلة واجبنا تجاه مختلف فئات المجتمع خلال رمضان، لا سيما في ظل الظروف الاستثنائية التي نشهدها جميعاً، حيث قدمنا الهدايا لحمالية سوق واقف وفقاً للاشتراطات الاحترازية ووسائل الوقاية اللازمة. #عطاء_متواصل_في_شهر_الخير #هدايا_Ooredoo ✨?? Proud to have been able to continue our support for our local communities this #Ramadan, especially in such difficult times. We delivered Ramadan gifts to labourers at Souq Waqif Hamaliah , According to preventive measures #GivingMoreInRamadan #HadayaOoredoo #Ooredoo

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Sources: YouTube, Instagram and Campaign Middle East

3D Mapping Cinema Campaign by Etihad in Saudi Arabia

Etihad Airways – the second-largest airline in the UAE, and the Department of Culture and Tourism Abu Dhabi booked a one-of-a-kind 3D Mapping cinema campaign – through Spark Foundry (Starcom), at VOX Cinemas Red Sea Mall (Jeddah) in Saudi Arabia.


Campaign Objective:

To promote Abu Dhabi as a destination in Saudi Arabia by using innovative and immersive means of advertising within a cinema environment.



The idea behind the campaign was to make use of ‘Projection Mapping’ technology inside the cinema – creating an immersive experience for cinemagoers.



The projection was executed on the main cinema screen along with two side screens (both left and right) to create a screen extension.

Sides of the theatre were covered with a piece of unique fabric to make sure the resolution of the projection matched the quality, look and feel of the main screen.

Four high-grade projectors were used for this activation.

*TAKELEAP – technology agency dedicated to creating sensational experiences, was the production company for this execution.



Etihad selected four destinations in Abu Dhabi – Ferrari World, Saadiyat Island, Warner Bros and a restaurant, to show a day in Abu Dhabi from a tourist perspective.

The filming – shot in 4K quality, was done over a 2-3 week period at the above mentioned locations and was stitched together to align with the projection mapping and to fit the extended screen.


This first ever 3D mapping cinema campaign in the Middle East ran for a period of one month (between February and March 2019), during evening shows on all days of the week. No statistics were generated for this campaign, however, element of surprise lasted throughout the duration of the campaign.


Here’s the end result:


Seeking to amplify exposure for your brand? Contact us for more information on similar innovative  advertising opportunities across our circuit in the Middle East.



Sources: Spark Foundry



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