Nestlé Pure Life | Cinema Campaign | Egypt

Nestlé Pure Life – popular brand of bottled water, recently booked a cinema campaign through Motivate Val Morgan, at VOX CinemasMall of Egypt.

Booked through Zenith Media, the cinema campaign featured an on-screen commercial and included a sampling activity inside the Kids cinema at VOX Cinemas – Mall of Egypt.


On-screen Advertisement:

A 30 sec. on-screen commercial was booked to screen from 3rd April until  7th May 2019.  The advertisement informed children to look inside the water bottle (placed in the cup holder), for a message pertaining to hydration and the importance of water.

Watch the on-screen commercial below:


Sampling Activity:

A sampling activity was scheduled to be executed in 4 bursts over 4 weekends during the month of April.

1st Burst: 04th  –  06th April 2019

2nd Burst: 11th  – 13th April 2019

3rd Burst: 18th  – 20th  April 2019

4th Burst: 25th  – 30th April 2019*

*The activity scheduled for this weekend will be executed for 3 additional days.


Nestlé Pure Life bottles with a special packaging label – featuring images of animals such as Gorillas’ Leopards, Lions, Penguins, Parrots and Frogs, were placed in the cup holder of each seat, while some of the bottles were placed below select seats.

As the trailers commenced, the on-screen ad also displayed a message asking the audience to look under the seats for another bottle. The kids who found these bottles received a discount voucher from Toys’R’Us .


Sampling activity executed for Nestle Pure Life


As part of the sampling activity, usherers were hired to distribute flyers to cinemagoers entering the Kids cinema.

Interested in running a similar integrated cinema campaign in UAE, Lebanon, Oman, Egypt, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait or KSA?

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Source: Nestlé Pure Life