Nezo | Popcorn Box Branding | UAE

Nezo  salt manufacturer, recently booked an off-screen popcorn box branding campaign through Motivate Val Morgan at various VOX Cinemas locations across the UAE.

The branded popcorn tubs were distributed to moviegoers starting Thursday 21st November 2019, and will continue to be dispensed until stocks last.

The aim of the campaign was to highlight the importance of Nezo salt in food items, similar to the importance and significance of having popcorn while watching movies at the cinema.

A total of 50,000 popcorn boxes were branded with Nezo graphics. 5,000 boxes were allocated at each cinema location. The campaign kicked off at VOX CinemasMall of the Emirates and also ran across the following VOX locations:


Mall of the Emirates

Mall of the Emirates Nezo Popcorn Box Branding


Cineplex Grand Hyatt

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding Cineplex, Grand Hyatt



Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, Mercato


City Centre Deira

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, City Centre Deira



Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, Burjuman


City Centre Sharjah

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, City Centre Sharjah


City Centre Ajman

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, City Centre Ajman


Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, Marina Mall – Abu Dhabi


Al Jimi Mall – Al Ain

Nezo Popcorn Box Branding, Al Jimi Mall


The campaign also ran across VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif.


Other off-screen advertising opportunities include:


Got a campaign which would require off-screen cinema advertising?


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UAE National Day | Cinema Campaigns | 2018

United Arab Emirates celebrated 47 glorious years as a nation on 02nd December 2018.

National Day is one of the most celebrated days in the country – as it marks the historical moment when the seven emirates came together to form one country, and this year took on even greater importance having been labelled the ‘Year of Zayed’ which marks 100 years since the birth of UAE’s founding father late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

To honour and celebrate the nation’s leadership, progress, history and values, leading brands in the UAE launched cinema campaigns across the country.


Dubai Holding

Dubai Holding commemorated the legacy of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan with a comprehensive campaign highlighting his enduring values that have shaped today’s nation –inclusiveness, tolerance and humanity.

The campaign launched on 27th November 2018 with a video being broadcasted on television, in cinema and promoted online via social media.

A 60 sec. on-screen ad was booked through Motivate Val Morgan to screen from 27th November03rd December 2018 at the following cinema locations:


VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, Mercato Mall

Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall

Roxy Cinemas – City Walk

Abu Dhabi

VOX Cinemas – YAS Mall Abu Dhabi



Centrepoint – GCC’s biggest and most coveted multi-brand retailer, launched a national day campaign titled ‘United by Harmony’, which pays tribute to the UAE (home to over 200 nationalities) and celebrates the spirit of tolerance, diversity and unity.

As one of Motivate Val Morgan’s loyal clients for many years, Centrepoint ran a 1 min 42 sec. on-screen ad (in both English and Arabic) from 29th November05th December 2019 at the following cinema locations:


Cinemacity – Arabian Center

Roxy Cinemas – City Walk

Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif and Mall of the Emirates


Cinemacity – Zero 6 Mall

Abu Dhabi

Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall

VOX Cinemas – Nation Towers and YAS Mall


ADNOC (Abu Dhabi National Oil Company) 

ADNOC launched a community campaign titled ‘Remembering 47 Wonderful Years Together’ – a social media-focused storytelling program designed to evoke cherished memories of life in UAE.

The campaign kicked off with the official launch of ADNOC’s special National Day tribute video ‘Memories’ – unveiled at ADNOC’s Headquarters for its employees. The video has been described as a powerful, historical and endearing visual pastiche of life in Abu Dhabi and the broader UAE.

The video was advertised online, as well as in cinemas across the UAE – helping to raise awareness for the campaign and to remind citizens, residents and visitors of what makes life in the seven emirates so unique.

A 60 sec. on-screen ad was booked through Motivate Val Morgan from 27th November 201804th December 2018 at the following cinema locations:


Reel Cinemas – The Dubai Mall and Dubai Marina Mall

Roxy Cinemas – City Walk

Cinemacity – Arabian Center

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Deira, City Centre Mirdif, Mercato Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Cineplex Grand Hyatt

Abu Dhabi

Cine Royal Cinema – Deerfields Mall, Khalidiyah Mall, Ruwais Mall, and Dalma Mall

VOX Cinemas – YAS Mall, Nation Towers and Marina Mall

Al Ain

Oscar Cinema – Al Foah Mall, Al Raha Mall and Al Wahda Mall 


Oscar Cinema – Al Shaab Village

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Sharjah


VOX Cinemas – City Centre Ajman

Ras Al Khaimah

VOX Cinemas – Al Hamra Mall


VOX Cinemas – City Centre Fujairah



du, the fastest growing mobile communications and technology provider in the UAE, launched a campaign titled ‘#UAEBlessings’ – inviting people from all corners of the country to recognise the astonishing feats and contributions of the country’s founding fathers and visionary leaders.

Centering on four key pillars of Happiness, Harmony, Safety, and Opportunity, the video restates how lucky are the people of UAE to live and thrive in the land of endless opportunity. It also aims to evoke feelings of admiration and warmth citizens experience for the homeland every day.

du booked a 30 sec. on-screen ad through Motivate Val Morgan from 07th December 12th December 2018 at all locations operated by VOX Cinemas in the UAE.


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Sources: Emirates Business, Emirates News Agency, Behance, du and YouTube

VOX Cinemas To Operate 24 Hours On Weekends Over Summer 2018

VOX Cinemas announced that they will operate for 24 hours every weekend for the rest of the summer –  starting Thursday 12th July 2018.

The new all-day programme will be available at selected VOX locations in the UAE, which include Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif, and will not include movies for children.

This is not the first time the UAE has screened movies for 24 hours, but this will be the first time that it is a regular event, taking place over the entire weekend.


The good news:


You can choose to spend the wee hours of your mornings shrinking into small size watching Ant-Man and the Wasp, turning up the heat with Dwayne Johnson watching Skyscraper, being at the helm of the heist watching Ocean’s 8 or grooving to the music of Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again.

Check out what to watch and when to see it over on the VOX Cinemas website.



With the cinemas at Mall of the Emirates, City Centre Deira and City Centre Mirdif open 24 hours over the weekends, advertisers will benefit from more spots, at no extra cost!

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to attract extra exposure during the summer of 2018.



Sources: Gulf Business, Gulf News and The National

Silence Your Mobile Phone Ad – Cinema Research

The ‘silence your mobile phone ad’ is a specially positioned creative spot asking moviegoers to put their phones on silent mode – prior to the start of a movie. It is a spot exclusively sold to 1 advertiser at a time. The ad spot has to be a maximum of 10 seconds long and has to be booked on an annual basis across all screens in the Motivate Val Morgan circuit (VOX Cinemas, Oscar Cinema, Cine Royal Cinema and Cinemacity).

In November 2017 – alongside the release of Justice League, Motivate Val Morgan in collaboration with Murdoch University Dubai conducted a cinema research project in the form of questionnaires and video interviews at VOX Cinemas – Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Deira, to measure the effectiveness of the ‘silence your mobile phone ad spot’.

Between 7pm and 9pm on 17 November 2017, two teams (comprising of two media students in each team – interviewer and videographer) from Murdoch University were present at each location to conduct video interviews and get questionnaires filled out by cinemagoers visiting the respective cinema locations.

At the time of this research project, Motorola had booked the ‘silence your mobile phone ad spot’.

Silence your mobile phone cinema research at VOX Cinemas


No of questionnaires:

Mall of the Emirates – 19 respondents

City Centre Deira – 26 respondents


No of video interviews:

Mall of the Emirates – 9 respondents

City Centre Deira – 13 respondents

Please note: the same questions were asked in both segments (questionnaire and video interview) of this cinema research project.


Results from the research carried out at both VOX Cinemas locations are as per below:

How often do you go to the cinema?

Once a week – 21 respondents

2 to 3 times a month – 20 respondents

Once a month – 12 respondents

Once every 2 months – 3 respondents

Often – 6 respondents

Depends – 4 respondents

Not Applicable – 1 respondent


How long before the movie starts (time on ticket) do you arrive at the cinema?

Hour before – 5 respondents

More than 20 minutes before – 19 respondents

10 to 15 minutes before – 27 respondents

5 minutes before – 8 respondents

Exactly at the start time of the movie – 8 respondents


Do you enjoy the pre-show (cinema ads by Motivate Val Morgan)?

Yes – 52 respondents

No – 15 respondents


Do you pay attention to cinema ads?

Yes – 53 respondents

No –  14 respondents


How many cinema advertisements seen on screen do you recall?

1 to 2 ads – 24 respondents

3 to 4 ads – 17 respondents

5 or more ads – 12 respondents

All most all ads – 5 respondents

None – 8 respondents

Not Applicable – 1 respondent


Do you recall the Motorola ad (silence your mobile phone spot)?

Yes – 48 respondents

No – 19 respondents


How creative was the Motorola ad?

Very creative – 22 respondents

Somewhat creative – 15 respondents

Neutral – 7 respondents

Not Creative – 4 respondents

Please Note: only respondents who answered yes to the previous question answered this question


What sort of on screen ads stand out?

 Visually creative – 35

Long – 2

Short – 3

Fun/Funny – 6

Catchy – 2

Good Message – 3

Music accompanying the ad –  4

Ads that include the audience –  2

Other – 3

Not Applicable – 16

Please note: respondents could provide one or multiple answers to the question above.


All respondents who participated in the video interview segment signed consent forms which do not grant Motivate Val Morgan permission to publish the footage shot at the two locations.


Research Highlights:


As the results above indicate, the ‘silence your mobile phone ad’ is well-received, due to the following factors:

High Frequency – the ad plays on all screens and alongside every movie across all locations of four cinema operators.

Recall – the ad plays closest to the start of the movie (just before the ticker– movie countdown spot).

Creativity – the ‘silence your mobile phone ad spot’ showcases the most creative ads which remains ‘top-of-mind’


A big thank you out to the media students from Murdoch University DubaiTarek Fakhra, Kayla Nobrega, Gem Macalma and Irene Macabuhay, for taking time out on Friday 17 November 2017 to conduct the questionnaires and video interviews, and the management at VOX Cinemas for granting us permission to carry out this research project on a busy weekend at two key cinema locations – VOX Cinemas Mall of the Emirates and City Centre Deira.


Here are some example ‘silence your mobile phone ads’ booked through Motivate Val Morgan:

Axiom – 2012 to 2016


Samsung – May 2016 to January 2017


Motorola – May 2017 to January 2018


Interested in the ‘silence your mobile phone ad spot’? Contact a member of our sales team for more information.