Careem | Integrated Cinema Campaign | VOX – City Centre Alexandria

Careem, leading transportation network company based in Dubai with operations in over 100 cities in 14 countries in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, recently booked an exclusive integrated cinema campaign with Motivate Val Morgan – through Wizzora Advertising Agency, at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Alexandria in Egypt. The cinema campaign included a 60 sec. on-screen ad and an off-screen foyer display.


On-screen Ad

With Egypt’s streets barely being pedestrian-friendly for the average Egyptian at the best of times, it’s safe to assume that for those with a disability, it’s a nightmare.

It is only recently, that numerous Egyptian organisations and groups have begun to do their part by giving back to the community – starting several initiatives that work towards including people with special needs into the community.

2018 was dubbed the year of those challenged with a disability and has seen efforts and decisions being made in order to facilitate the lives of those with a disability.

Aiming to make themselves more accessible to all Egyptians without exception, Careem launched its newest feature yet, ‘Careem Assist’, which eases commute and transportation for passengers with motor disability in Alexandria. ‘Careem Assist’ offers ‘wheelchair accessible’ vehicles which can be accessed through the Careem app.

Additionally, Careem is also in the process of creating ramps around Alexandria to enable Egyptians with motor disabilities to move around freely. Having already built ramps on main streets and next to pedestrian crossing signs, they’ve also set up a track in Alexandria’s Mandara beach.

With approximately 290,612 Alexandrians living with special needs, Careem hopes to not only facilitate their transportation around the seaside city but to also encourage the community to recognise the importance of including all segments of society.


Careem Initiative in Alexandria Egypt


To promote ‘Careem Assist’ in Alexandria, Egypt, Careem booked a 60 sec. on-screen advertisement at VOX Cinemas – City Centre Alexandria for a period of 5 weeks (14th December 2018 – 17th January 2019).



Off-screen Foyer Display

Careem also booked a display which was set up in the foyer area of VOX Cinemas – City Centre Alexandria for a period of 2 weeks (13th December 2018 – 29th December 2018).

The foyer display advertised an offer to save 40% when booking a ride with Careem – using promotion code SAWA.


VOX Cinemas City Centre Alexandria Careem Foyer Display


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Source: Cairo Scene

Centrepoint ‘Sale’ Advertising Campaign – Unleash Greed

In a region that is known for its year-long sales and shopping festivals, Centrepoint had to stand out in an overly competitive and cluttered category, meet expectations that are incredibly high and attain more footfalls in their stores.

With 140 stores across the UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, Centrepoint is the Middle East’s biggest fashion store and also the region’s most coveted fashion retail brand.

Their newest Sale regional advertising campaign conceptualized by Impact BBDO, Dubai, is based on ‘one of the purest emotions’. When there’s a sale, you feel like you want everything in the store. And if that comes across as greed, that’s okay. Because the Centrepoint Sale is the only socially acceptable place to unleash greed.

“This is a bold new moment for Centrepoint as we look to take the brand forward. The film tackles the motivations and modern contradictions behind consumer decision making.”, states Simon Cooper, Head of Centrepoint.

Shyam Sunder, Sr. Head of Marketing adds, “The Centrepoint Sale is one of the biggest retail events in the region. Our new film from Impact BBDO is based on a strong behavioural insight which directly relates to our Sale.”

“The first thing people asked when they saw the film was “where did you shoot this?”. Their jaws dropped when they learnt it was in Beirut. We are immensely proud that a film shot in Lebanon is raising the bar in the Middle East.”, say Cynthia Chammas and Michelle Abou Zei, Executive Producers at Truffle Films.

Fadi Yaish, ECD of Impact BBDO, Dubai sums it up well – “The Centrepoint Sale comes with up to 70% off, it would be a crime if you weren’t greedy.”

In less than 24 hours since its release on social media, the film had already been viewed over a million times and is making a positive impact – in terms of footfalls across Centrepoint stores.

The 60 second advertising campaign was booked through Motivate Val Morgan and screened across cinemas in the UAE:

VOX Cinemas – City Centre Mirdif, City Centre Deira, Mall of the Emirates, Burjuman, Marina Mall Abu Dhabi, City Centre Ajman and City Centre Fujairah (All Screens)

Oscar Cinema – Al Foah Mall, Al Raha Mall, Al Wahda Mall and Al Ain Sports Club (All Screens)

Cine Royal Cinema – Dalma Mall (All Screens)

The commercial was booked to screen from 21st December 2017 to 3rd January 2018.



Sources: Impact BBDO and Centrepoint